Not British or Not a UK resident applying for UK graduate programs

Finance and Accounting

I’m just wondering if there are any others like me out there who are applying to graduate programs in the UK but aren’t currently living in the UK or are not from the UK. I don’t have a British bachelors, or any UCAS points, so it’s hard to know if Graduate programs will accept me since they might not know how to judge my education. Fortunately I am an EEA citizen so I have the right to work in the UK at least! So far, only Deloitte has given me a positive reply and I’m halfway through their recruitment process. They actually have a great way to know if your education is up to par.

Can anyone suggest any other finance and accounting graduate programs for people like me? Maybe you’ve been working with someone or have run into others like me at interviews. I’m looking only in Scotland, but if you know of any others around the UK other people might be interested. Any help will be much appreciated!