Not a recent graduate

The Graduate

Hi, I am looking to apply to the graduate pensions actuarial roles in Manchester, but I graduated back in 2011. Is it too late for me to apply?

Additionally, the KPMG site mentions the kind of work I would be doing on a day to day basis, but mentions that it varies depending on office and the kind of clients each office has. Can you tell me anything about the Manchester office and what kind of work I would be doing there specifically? Who are their clients, for example?



I recently received an offer from KPMG and my degree is considerably older than yours, so I don’t think it is too late for you to apply. Older graduates can bring valuable additional experience to the table, so it can be plus point. You will have plenty of experience to draw on your interviews.


No I know someone working at KPMG who completed another grad scheme before starting in Pensions.


If you’re still going through the process you will probably find being in ‘the real world’ for a few years, so to speak, helps. I graduated similarly to yourself but found the AC, in particular, less stressful than I think others did because of my working experience. Some of the AC was like doing my day job to be honest!