NorthGateArinso Phone Interview


Hey guys!!

Kat, are you sure you need to complete the test by the end of Jan? from what I read in the email it must be done by the end of the campaign, 8th of February.

Good luck to all!!


Positive, 8th Feb is when applications close i.e. campaign. They send you a second email that says it closes 31/1/12 :slight_smile:
Good Luck!


hey guys,
I am afraid I will not be active on this thread any more with new info as they rejected me after the phone interview!!

I want to wish you lots of luck in the future!!

all the best,



thanks for the clarification :slight_smile: I am still waiting for further details regarding the test :slight_smile:


Hi everybody,

Sorry to here that Simona, I’m sure something will turn up for you though. I was just wondering if anybody had taken the test yet and what type of questions it asked!? I’m away for the weekend so wont be doing mine till the 31st. Good luck everybody.



Hi everyone,

Ye I have done my test. It’s nothing difficult, basically given 3 options and have to agree with one most, agree with one least and leave one, if that makes sense. It’s a pretty weird test to be honest as sometimes agree with all and others agree with none!

Oh well, hope that helps,



Just did my test, hate those type of questions. Good luck to everybody else. I guess we will next here something after the application deadline closes!


I did the test too. If anybody receives any news regarding further stages, please spread the word :wink: good luck!


Has anyone else got an invite to the assessment centre on Wednesday (21st)?


I’ve been invited to an assessment day on 27th March, just been emailed the information pack, do we have to do any tests on the day?


can anyone shed any light on the assessment day?


Hi I hope your assessment day went well, would you be able to give me an idea of what to expect from the day? Thanks


Just received my rejection following the assessment centre. Really liked the feel of the company and the people but just wasn’t meant to be. Took a long time for them to reply however. They haven’t provided any feedback either, it was just via email.