NorthGateArinso Phone Interview


Hello everyone!
I have a phone interview coming up for Northgate Arinso for a HR Consultancy graduate scheme. Has anyone else had one? Any tips?
All the Best


Hi Kat,
If you have had the interview I hope it went well :). I have just sent off an email trying to arrange my interview. I was hoping if you had completed yours by now you might be able to to share any thoughts and tips!? All the best


Hi Alex, I haven’t had it yet actually, it’s on Monday so if you haven’t had it by then I’m sure I’ll have some tips!
Good luck to :slight_smile:


Hi Kat, just got my date it is on the Wednesday. Hope yours goes well! Alex


hey there,

I also have a scheduled interview next week!!
Do you have any idea what type of interview it is? I only had 2 competency based phone interviews before. In the email it did not mention anything about the type of interview.
Any info is more then welcome!
Thank you!!

Good luck to us all!!


Hi Alex, have you had your interview yet?



No, mine is on Wed. Have you got one?


Hi Kat, how did your interview go? Can you give us an idea of the sort of questions asked?

@Alex, no mine is next Monday, let me know how yours goes on Wednesday, good luck!


hello everyone,

my interview has been changed to Monday so I can go to my best friend’s graduation ceremony tomorrow!!
All the best and good luck to you!!
I have no idea about the questions they can ask us!!!


Hi Kat, hope it went well. Any hints or tips you could give would be great. Thanks.



Hi Kat got my interview tomorrow morning so any help would be great. I will let the rest of you know stuff after tomorrow.


Hi Alex, how did yours go? I have mine tomorrow (19th) and I was just wondering how yours went and what questions you were asked?

hope it went well!


Hi everybody. The interview went all right thanks. Pretty nice person doing it. Started off with questions from the app form like do you have the right to work in the UK etc. Nice way to get you started. Obvs asked why do yo want to work for the company. Also asked if you were OK with the relocation side of it. Then asked a few basic competency questions. It wasn’t a technical interview.
One question that threw me off a little bit was have you applied to any other grad schemes. Obviously everybody will have but I just said yes and didn’t elaborate any further. Not sure the best way to answer it really.
Have some question prepared as well.
I was told we would here back early/mid Feb. Think after the deadline. Bit annoying that the next stage is more online tests as you could fail these after passing the interview.
Hope that helps and good luck to everybody else.


hey Alex,

Thank you very much for ur comment on the phone interview. At least now we have an idea what to expect!!
Mine is on Monday. I am surprised to hear about the next online tests.
All the best,


I just had mine, again it went ok, but I am unsure. Alex was pretty exact in the questions. The only one missing was ‘what technical skills do you possess?’ which was a bit of a curve ball! Otherwise, he was right about the more tests, apparently it is to determine whether you ‘fit’ with the company though, so not a test test really…

hope this helps anyway.



Glad it went OK mate. Yea but the worst thing about those personality tests is that you can’t really do anything to pass them. I would be gutted if they said you passed the phone interview but failed a personality test. Especially when you would probably change your answers depending on what mood you are in.
Anyway good luck to everybody, and put something on the thread if you hear anything back.


Hi all,

I got an email last night saying that I had been successful and to do the next test.

I received that this morning and have to complete it by the end of the month. Anyone else heard anything??



Congrats Joe!
Sorry I haven’t been replying I got back to uni and lacked internet for a while but I’m back. I got an email last night asking to do the OPQ test to and complete it by the end of January :slight_smile:
25 minutes though!
Good Luck to all,


hello guys, congratulations!!
I had my interview yesterday!
the woman was friendly but the phone connection was bad so I was struggling to understand her :frowning:
the questions were just like the ones you said, quite a short but dynamic interview.
haven’t got any reply from them yet!!

speak soon :slight_smile:


Thanks for all the help, I have my interview this afternoon. Was totally unsure about what to prepare until I found the info here!
Fingers crossed for us all! :slight_smile: