Norbert Dentressangle


Hi All,
I have a competency based telephone interview with Norbert Dentressangle next week with regards to their fast track graduate programme.
Anyone else out there had this interview? and any tips of how to prepare and what to expect?



I have also got an interview, what day is yours?


even me… i have it on wednesday… wats it for u guys ?


I have mine on Tuesday, I guess we would have to wait till then to find out !


I have mine on Friday never done a telephone interview before don’t know what to expect. Good luck


Hi there,

Ive got one on Thursday…any advice after you had yours?

I cant find anything really about the scheme?!


Hi mclox

Did you have your interview yesterday
can you tell me how was it?
what were the questions?


Read up on the company so you would have an idea on what they are about. Also, competency based questions on leadership, innovation, and I think problem solving.

Best of luck


i had my telephone interview a few weeks ago; followed by online tests… now have the assessment centre in melton mowbray! anyone else going to this? im VERY nervous! how are you all preparing?




Hi I am going to Melton Mowbray on the 8th of December. I am going for the traffic operator assessment day. I presume it’s a suit job just because there is a lot of outdoor stuff and not sure if we will be doing stuff outside. How are you preparing? Good luck


Hello everyone, I have one tomorrow morning, any help would be greatly appreciated! I will post tomorrow with what they asked! Would REALLLY appreciate help!