Non finance / mathematics degrees for accountancy


Hi everyone

For all those out there who have / will have degrees in non-accountancy related subjects, I just thought I’d share the fact that ‘even though’ my degree is in Music (and from the Open University), I have managed to get through to assessment centres at all the big 4 I applied to.

So, it can be done! Best of luck all!


With the greatest amount of respect do you mind me asking how the fuck you managed that ? Do you have some sort of professional qualification ? Either way well done especially at the moment.



Cheers Rasp

No professional qualifications, but I guess having a first helped :wink: Also - OU degrees are good because they usually mean that you’ve learnt to time manage study and (usually full-time) work, which is particuarly relevant for ACA training contracts.

As a subject I think music is good because you can talk about performing - working under pressure, working in groups, organising rehearsals etc - as well as the usual academic skills.

I suppose what I want to say is that if you’ve got a good degree, it doesn’t matter where from or what its in. Make the best of your experiences, try to ignore statistics about application numbers and success rates and just GO FOR IT! What have you got to lose?

(I’m only saying all this now because I wish someone had said it to me a few weeks ago!)


Congrats and props to you! Im bloody fuming that i couldnt get through with an MSc in Economics now tho and alot of work history as im a mature student and am exempt from a fair few of the ACA exams too boot makes a bit of a mockery of the system you played it a good un tho fair play.



Im going to come out with a degree in statistics and coz that doesn’t include any exemptions from the ICAS exams my options are limited, which is really annoying coz I’ve seen loads of smaller firms I would apply to but I can’t coz I don’t have an ICAS accredited degree.


i think overall, these programs require students from different backgrounds and in turn we are all expected to contribute in different ways! so its aa good thing they are flexible with degrees! it allows us to choose degrees based on interest and hence, more potential to achieve good results!!!