Nomura UK Targeted Event


As above - anyone going??


blake, I’m not going. So have you applied to Nomura?


Yes, I applied to Nomura Global Markets. Hopefully this event will allow me to make my application stand out!


Yes, I’m in as well. Any tips on what to wear? Evening formals (without tie) or full business formals? Also, do you think anybody who applied for the event have been invited? Or is it really a targeted event? Thanks a lot!


Hey guys! I have been invited to the above event and was initially unsuccessful but apparently that was down to a system failure there end and I later got invited… not that I particularly believe them. Did we reach a consensus on the appropriate dress code?

Also have you heard back with respect to your application? I was invited to this but haven’t heard anything from them with respect to the success of my application… just an acknowledgement that they have received it…


Hey! I’m planning on wearing a tie - if it is a less formal event, I can just take it off…
I’m in the same position as you. I applied early on and have yet to hear back from them. Fingers crossed we get the chance to promote our application with some of the employees there.


good luck guys, got rejected on friday afternoon. apparently there is a very high standard of candidates that set the bar high according to HR lady I talked to. just out of interest, are you folks heading for full time or summer roles?


a full time role. i am underdecided whether to go tomorrow night because i have a season ticket for one of the london clubs and dont know whether attending will impact my application enough to warrant missing the game. considering the fact that they havent even invited me to take a numerical test or anything yet… do others expect them to be screening us tomorrow evening?


Full-time role for myself.



depends whether you want to give up the chance to make an impression with HR/ potential MDs to work for/ embarking on a good career witht the help of senior employees backing up your application


2 hrs 30mins of fun at a football game that will have absolutely no lasting benefit to your life (unless you manage a pitch invasion ultimately leading to your 5 minutes of fame and a possible lifetime ban from the club).

up to you really. don’t take my post the wrong way. just trying to inspire you to go. not all of us are lucky enough.


nah i completley respect your post and i know i should go. i just dont think i stand a chance in the whole application process… i have followed another post:

And I just dont know how successful I would be in an interview like that.

Most other roles I have applied to our wealth management roles and hence the investment banking programme at nomura isnt exactly what I wanted to do. so i dont have the technical knowledge that is probably required if i did succeed at getting an interview.


fair enough. it sounds like you are more passionate/ focussed on wealth management. If i were invited to go to a private banking event I would most probably not bother.

with regards to standing a chance, you’ll never know until you have tried. you might just nail it by having a calm approach ‘not too bothered’ approach…


U go to the Numra event with ur CV and once ur invited, u get the book of “Hull” and read everythin abt Fixed Income (interest curve, NPVs, How the value of a bond is calculated), then u search for funny questions in Markets interviews,e.g.: What is the outcome of 1/32? (Think abt whats 1/2, 1/8, 1/16)…

then u try to smile as possible and give proper answers. Dont be afraid… do it! :wink:


Can you please be a little more specific? Sorry I got confused half way through!

Thanks for getting back to us, its nice to know what to expect… this is a UK Targeted Event you are talking about, not an assessment centre?

Many thanks


theres no ac, just two interviews…for which u can prepare by using “hull” and googlin for tricky questions, so dont be afraid bcos of this other thread, just go to the event…


Sorry what is hull? Cheezy have you secured a job with Nomura for Sept 2011 start? Have they already had assessment centres for this start? Should I be concerned that I havent heard anything back with respect to my application, just an invite to this event?

Did you go to an event? Did you say I should take my CV?



options futures and other derivatives by john hull. good book.


Ok, so full formals with an option to remove tie later on - fixed :slight_smile:

I have no clue what the scene is with this targeted event. I haven’t been invited for the numerical test and I submitted my application sometime in August - ironical, isn’t it? Nevertheless, it would be a good opportunity to check out their new Angel St. office and meet the Nomura crew - have met them once at LSE and they’re a really cool bunch to talk and gain insights - if lucky enough, gain a place in the grad scheme too



Excellent Titanium… so you’re one step ahead of me if you have done the numerical tests online… hoping that maybe after tonight their will be some progression with the application but as I am not so hooked up on this role maybe the lack of pressure tonight will do me well! So did you not hear anything between being invited to this event and passing the online tests? When were you invited to the event? Did they leave it as late as telling you last week or was I one of the backups that they only invited at the last moment lol!


So guys that went to the event, how was it? Did they give an indication of when we can expect to hear from them? What has already happened etc etc. Cheers