Nomura HK


Hello, anyone heard back anything from NOMURA HK or ASIA?



nope. others in another forum have been invitated to phone interviews.


I believe some applying to banking have heard back and phone interviews have been scheduled. I have not heard/know of anyone who has had interviews for global markets in HK though


Had first round for Singapore ibd at end of nov. Yet to hear back. Anyone else heard back?


Had 2 interviews with GM in Singalinga and HK during the first 2 weeks of December. Yet to hear back from them regarding second round.

Has anyone been contacted for second round yet in Spore or HK?



had 2nd rd for sg IB bout 1.5wks ago, news for the 3rd round wld probably be in Jan I heard


Thanks swashbuck. May I ask when you had your fist round with IB?



Had the first round sometime in late November. The latest they would conduct interviews would probably be up till 1st 2 wks of December. I guess most are likely to be on leave now with the remaining staff covering duties, so there might not be anyone around to interview!


Yeh, that is what I am thinking, I’ll probably hear back for second in Jan when you hear about third round. Thanks again and good luck with your application!


Anyone hear from Corporate Infrastructure (HK) yet?
I got an invite to schedule a first-round interview but when i log on their website there are no time slots?


hi guyz, I applied HK GM and I had a 2nd round early Dec. Do you know when there will be further up announcement ? Do they just had 2 round of interviews?


Can you tell me more about 2 telephone interviews? What questions involved in each one interview? Thanks a lot!