Nomura graduate application 2010


Has any one heard back from NOMURA for the 2010 graduate program in IT/Finance …
i subitted my application on 16th September 2009…they havent responded yet…my status says
Thank you for your interest in Nomura.

Your application has been successfully submitted and will be processed shortly.

Please be aware we receive a large volume of applications and appreciate your patience whilst we endeavour to process them as quickly as possible.


same status since over a mnth now…
i guess its not on rolling basis…
which location?


London Corporate Infrast.



ha! its been eons since I applied and no response, they’re sleeping!


they will get back after the deadline - they donot recruit on a rolling basis. source - Head of Global HR



Thanks for the info…do you know the deadline for the Nomura graduate application


I have data saving problem with nomura. I submitted my appl and when I went back to check my infor disappeared …


deadline is 15th November.


applied for singapore fixed income s&T
hopng tohear soon then


hi has anyone heard back from nomura? have they started to send out their rejections/interview emails yet? i havent heard back from them yet. should i call them?



No news yet…most probably ppl will recv rejection/invitation by the end of this week…do we need to give online tests as well??


Have not received anything since “submission” (I am not sure about it because I have not received any confirmation and the IT support said my appl was not submitted but when I went back on their online appl I was told I have submitted three times. Kinda weird…)

Please keep us posted if there is any invitation or rejection …


nothing on my end!


I applied for Corporate Infrastructure - London and still havent heard back either.


I called HR in Singapore but they refuse to connect and no one has any idea there about whats going on with applications…


NOMURA just EXTENDED their application deadline to 31st December!!! WTF!




can anyone PM me their HR telephone number??? I need to have a talk with them ASAP!


I dont think they received enough and good quality applications…


but extending the deadline wont lead to more good quality applicants, coz all the good applicants are likely to have offers before then!