Nomura graduate 2012


hEY all,

i was just wondering whether anyone has started an application with Nomura for the 2012 internship or graduate scheme?


I’ve started mine… Hopefully have it done by the end of the week. I went to their UK Targeted event last year and they seem like a good bank to work for!


I’ve applied for the internship and I’ve done the online test.
Anyone know when they start the interview ?



Was the online test standard SHL? I am going to do it soon. Btw, I also applied for an internship.

Many thanks.


Hi, did any of you apply for operations(analyst) position? I applied but haven’t got an invitation to the online tests yet?


I applied for the financial markets position.
But i think that the test are the same for all:
=> First, a numerical test from kenexa … try to practise a little
=> Second, an inductive test from kenexa … try to practise a little
=> Third, a psychological test … nothing special just be yourself!!!


@ boumid: thanks for the input. Would you advise practicing from Kenexa official website? where else?

How many questions where there at each section? how much time?



So just to confirm there was no verbal test???


Mastorasis: No verbal test, and no psychological test as well (sorry for the error).


ok thanks, do you remember how many question in each and how much time was allowed??


I just had the online tests. You have 24mins for 24 questions for the numerical one and 12mins for 24 questions for the inductive one.

Good luck to the rest of you.


I applied a while ago and still haven’t heard anything (I applied for a position in Operations). Anyone else in the same boat?


I applied for an analyst position in Technology and am in the same position as u Andy_E, got no invite for any tests yet



I hope everyone is well. I just have a quick question is kenexa basically psl?


Hi all,

I applied yesterday and did the numerical and logical tests. Any idea what the percentiles will be for the tests? only got to about 18 in the numerical test and 21 in the logical tests… not great scores I know!


I have just finished the online test. It’s kenexa test with 20 numerical and 24 logic reseaning questions. Anyone finished the online test processes to next stage?


I completed both tests a while back (like 2 weeks ago), but haven’t heard from them yet. I applied to Global Markets internship. Anybody heard back from them yet?

Best of luck to all of you!


hey, I applied for ops too, bu have no reply.
I wonder why some people have their tests sent to them fast :s


@jobhunter_1 I applied for global market graduate scheme and did both the test as well. Still waiting for the response after a week.


I got my response couple of days after I completed my last test, which was logical reasoning. Btw, the outcome was - invitation to first round interview. Anybody has any tips on that one? It will be a case study and competency-based interviews!