Hi, has anybody applied to the trainee trader programme? I just completed the online numerical test, but am unsure about their recruitment process; has anybody applied to them in the past? Or anybody applied this year and have an interview coming up/ completed… Any information would be really useful!

Thank you in advance!


How long after you submitted your Cv did you get the tests?


About 3 weeks, how about you? Have you done the test/interview?


I applied for the commodities trainee role, thanks for your help, sorry I couldn’t help you out


Hi - I have a second stage interview at Noble group for the graduate oil trader program in London…

  1. They have a case study - has anyone taken it? What kind of questions are asked?
  2. There are three interviews - two with the traders, and one with HR. Any tips?

Would be much appreciated. Thanks!


How was your first interview? And how long between each stage?


I didn’t make it through the final round. Would love to hear from someone who made it…how many candidates did they take?