No Reply from EY


I have I have applied for audit for one of the speciality service and submitted my online application form on 12th April 2011 but i sill have not heard anything from them yet.

i know from this forum that either you get rejected or passed, you will received the outcome from them by email but they dont reply me back.

why do you think they dont reply me back? is it because i am rejected or still in the selection process?

please give me some advice cos i am about to go crazy…


I would send the recruitment team a quick email or phone the helpline just to check on the progress of your application. They usually let you know either way like you said so perhaps something went wrong with their email system or something. I heard back from them quickly so they don’t tend to be slow so its more likely an error. Good luck!


thank you for your comment mal88!

I will call them today…