No reply from BDO


I submitted my online application to BDO on 17th Dec. and still haven’t received a reply. I couldn’t find any contact no. on their graduate recruitment page, so I sent them an email 2 days back for which I also haven’t received a reply yet.
According to their website they don’t take more than 2 working days to reply, but its been 3 weeks now, and even considering the Christmas break its a long time for them to take…Is anyone else in a similar position as me???


Hi did they ever get back to you? im waiting to here back from them now, it’s been a week and a half


Oh yea they did get back to me last week. But I got rejected. Had to wait so long just for that reply.


ahh doesnt look good for me then. never mind.x


I talked to someone in the recruitment team recently, and they said the reason things are taking so long is because they are receiving a lot more applications than normal because of the current crisis, so I wouldnt worry too much about how long they take. I’m sure things will be fine :slight_smile:


Oh ok, thankyou that is good to know! :slight_smile:


i’m also waiting for a response to my application. 2 weeks now and counting…