NO interview at IBM Extreme Blue First Round?


Hey all,

I have a selection day at IBM tomorrow for their Extreme Blue Summer Programme for a business role.

They emailed me saying:
You will be given a presentation by the business where you will get the chance to ask questions and be taken on a tour of the Hursley site. You will participate in one group exercise and sit a short confirmatory test for the online aptitude test you have already taken. Finally, you will take part in a written test for business roles."

This does not seem to include an interview. Does anyone have any experience regarding this? Is the presentation they mention similar to an interview? Or is the selection day really just about writing the test and doing a group exercise with no interview?

I would appreciate any input. I’ve been looking for answers online but I didn’t find much. Also tried calling them with not much luck.



hey ksanyee, I’m confused about this as well, it looks like they’ve changed the process recently. How was your selection day? Is the “written test for business roles” a verbal reasoning test, or an etray exercise?

Any idea what comes next in the process - another assessment day, or just a final interview?

would appreciate the clarification,