No internship



I’m currently studying Computer Science at Imperial College London and am a second year. I’m on a 4 year course (leading to MEng) and very much hope to land a FO job.

I cannot take an internship at FO with a bank due to me needing to take a 6month industrial placement (technology) during the summer of 3rd year (i.e. penultimate year) as part of my degree. What do you guy think would be the best route into FO for me? I have good a-levels (4 A’s) and am expecting at least a solid 2.1.

I also have substantial international experience, i.e. born in afghanistan, moved to slovakia at age of 4, then moved to the UK at age of 11. Do you think this might be an advantage?
I run a business part time (about 10k income / year).




if you speak lots of languages because of your experiences living abroad, then its def a bonus. given your experience in work and placements, seems like you should have no problem in the future. hopefully the market improves before then as well :slight_smile: