No contact from Deloitte after telephone offer


I received an offer via telephone from Deloitte (grad scheme) just before the Royal Wedding but nothing ‘official’ has happened yet. My AC happened last week and I got the call from the partner who interviewed me. He offered me a place and asked me to attend the open days. However, I still haven’t received any emails or letters and my application status hasn’t changed on their website.

I was just wondering when I should start getting worried? I wanted to sort everything out pretty soon so that I could give notice at work and start making other arrangements. How long should I wait before dropping a line to grad recruitment?

Also, when do the Offer Days usually take place?

Thanks in Advance.


Hmm can’t remember for certain but I think I was sent an official email about a week after the telephone. I’d say wait til the end of this week and if there’s still no contact just drop a line to your HR contact.