Nissan Engineering Industrial Placement Assessment Day


Hi guys,

Been called up to Sunderland next week to take part in assessment day for a year long engineering internship. Anybody taken part in one of these and knows what to expect?? I was surprised that the timetable they sent me only consisted of ''group exercises ’ and no interview, would you think there is still any chance that i’ll be interview at the assessment center??

Basically any input / feedback would be useful, even if you haven’t applied to Nissan but had to do group exercises at an engineering assessment center too.




Hello Naz1405,
I have been sent an invitation to an assessment center in Sunderland as well and the itinerary only indicates group exercises… Were you asked any questions? Please could you give some insight about your experience?
Any information you offer could be very useful, Please.


Hi Guys,

I have Just Got the same offer. Can you please share your assessment experience, any kind of information will be useful. :slight_smile:

Thank you


Hi Naz,

I have also been invited to the same assessment centre, did you think that yours went successfully?