NHS interview Assistant Management Accountant



I’ve got an interview with the NHS Luton & Dunstable University Hospital for an Assistant Management Accountant. The interview is on Thursday 21st August. Its a 2 hour interview and I’ll have to complete an assessment exercise, followed by a Role Play and then an interview.

I absolutely hate interviews I really can’t do them. I scared s***less for this NHS interview because of the assessment, the role play AND the interview. But I really need and want this job but I don’t want to sound desperate or unprepared for this interview.

Has anyone been to this sort of interview or been to NHS interviews? Any tips to help with the assessment, role play and interview? Anything would be a great help. Thanks in advance


Hello, I have the exact same interview next week and would like to know how it went and what they asked you you/ how the excel test was?

This would help a lot!

thank you!!!