NHS Health Informatics


Hi there. I have an interview for the health informatics strain of the NHS Grad programme. I assume it will be similar to the [[http://www.wikijob.co.uk/forum/public-sector-government/anybody-had-nhs-interview?page=1|General Management Scheme]]. Anyone else got this?


Yeah I’ve got one too. I gather it’ll be based around their core competencies list?


yeh, that and motivation. I’m doing a bit of prep. When is yours?


25th feb, manchester


Ok, I had mine and will try to enlighten you on what went on.

Really nice and informal at first, with a few of the people on the programme registering you as you arrive and biscuits and water to snack on while you make conversation. Then you get told what will go on and split up and taken to your interview rooms. This is about half an hour after you should arrive (so for the 12.30 slot, interviews start at 1.00).
The interview went as follows:

  • Why NHS
  • what things stand out about NHS that draw you to work there?
  • what was special about health informatics
  • what research have you done (they didn’t ask me specifics, just to see how interested I was) and had I applied to other NHS jobs

This section you can really get by without preparing - just be honest and talk about what it is that made you apply. I talked about working with people, public service etc…

Then it was competencies:

  • a time when working in a team where conflict over an issue arose and what you did
  • an example of a time you’ve set to learn something
  • a time where you’ve helped people when you didn’t have to (like during a project you’ve gone out of your way to help someone else) and how this benefitted you both

Afraid that is all I can remember but they were decidedly team/people oriented.

Hope this helps and you enjoy your interview.


Thank you very much! This definitely helps! Hope you make it through to the AC!!


Did anyone secure a place on the scheme? All the NHS threads just went pretty quiet.


Nope. I was good, I needed to be excellent apparently!


I got placed on the reserve list which was a massive letdown for me. I just got offered a job with PwC but it’s abroad…Decisions decisions


Oh man, abroad would be brilliant. Where based?


Prague. I come from there, trust me not the best of places