NHS Finance Numerical and Verbal Reasoning Tests



I was just wandering if anyone knew who supplies the numerical/verbal reasoning tests to the NHS grad scheme e.g. SHL



Which scheme is it you’re going for? I think it probably is SHL. Knowing the NHS they’ll go for the largest, most expensive and least effective!



I know its not helpful for you anymore as you’ve probably done these tests already but if anyone needs it for future reference - I’ve recently done a numerical/verbal reasoning test for NHS and they were from PSL!


Hey Mr_MNH,

I have just received word that I have to sit said psychometric tests for NHS graduate scheme and I was wondering if you had any more information you might be willing to share!

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anyone applying for finance 2010?


I am. Have to take the tests now…what is PSL?


Its like SHL this website offers info on it - im sending it off today. Did you list every job you had since school? it just seems a bit odd to list jobs i had when i was 16 that are completely irrelevent to the application??!!!


I listed three latest jobs. They are also not very relevant. Maybe it was my mistake and I should have remembered everything I have done up-to-date…but it’s too much!
Apparently, I know a guy who said he applied twice for this scheme and never got through. He works as a GM at one of the NHS hospitals now… :slight_smile:


About SHL - you mean the tests they offer to buy here? or those which are at the top - practice psychometric tests?


Is anybody applying for 2011 nhs graduate intake?


There is one?


2011 graduate scheme will start from sept 2011. If anybody is applying or anyone who have passed the online test please give some good tips to pass online tests because i think they are very difficult.


Hi Concorde 757

I’m glad to hear that you are looking to join the NHS Graduate Scheme. The tests, as with most psychometric tests can be quite difficult in terms of being able to offer specific advice.

This is because their design leans mainly towards testing aptitude rather than academic abililty.

In a nut shell, the best way and possibly only way to prepare for the tests is to undertake a wide variety of practice tests. This should then enable you to condition your mindset when faced with the online assessments.

With many psychometric tests being based on mostly generic principles, taking a look at other psychometric practice tests, such as those offered by the UK Clinical Aptitude Test may also prove quite useful.

My only other tip would be to try and not ponder on one question for too long, if in doubt guess and move on!

I hope this helps and best of luck with the assessments. Onwards and upwards!


hi , can anyone give me the link for he 2011 nhs graduate scheme i just keep coming accross the 2010 one which is now closed.

much appraciated


unfortunately I do not know the link for HE 2011 NHS. I also do not know…



Here’s a link. the application process just opened last week.



I have messed up my numerical test, rest three went well. Anybody have got any idea when they will tell us the results?


I got an email

''Thank you for completing the online tests for the NHS Graduate Management Training Scheme.You have applied to the Financial Management scheme.

We will contact successful candidates from week commencing 24th January 2011.

Kind regards,

NHS Graduate Recruitment Team’’


Anyone heard back from them yet?


Not yet