NHS 2015 intake



Hi there,
Anyone else on this forum? I’ve done the interview and have been waiting for such a long time.
One more week til results are out. So nervous everytime I remember! Anyone else in the same position?


I did the interview and I am going to one of the assessment centres, how did you do :)!?


Wow! someone’s finally found this :slight_smile:
Yeah my interview went well, I’m going for the AC next week. When is your’s? Are you doing anything in particular to prepare for it?
Good luck!


Good! :slight_smile:
Mine is the 18th, when is yours? I’m just practicing e-tray because I know it’s a weakness of mine but other than that not much really! Yourself?
Also, what specialism are you going for :)?
Good luck to you too! :slight_smile:


Hi Guys, could you please tell me what activities I can expect on the day? I have my AC tomorrow. Thank you!