NGDP Scheme


Hi all,

I applied for this months ago and apart from a confirmation of receipt I have heard nothing?!? Anyone know what’s going on?



You should be hearing something very soon, I missed their call, but they call on withheld number, they called me to confirm a telephone interview.

Good luck, where else did you apply?


Ahhh right thanks Jack!

I was getting worried that my application had got lost or something. Well done on the phone interview. The only other place I’ve applied for is with the NHS and I’m just waiting for a response from them too!

Where else have you applied for?


NHS as well, I want anything I can get tbh, tell me when you have heard from NHS,

Also NGDP, sub contracted the recruitment to another org to do, and I was one of their first interviews (my second name starts with A) that maybe why,

good luck

time for disso



Thanks guys for the update.

A’v also applied for the NGDP and awaiting confirmation, although I did email them last week to ask them for an update and they explained they would be contacting me once my application had been reviewed.

Jack; when is your telephone interview taking place? From previous threads of last year, I understand all potential telephone interviewees are informed by the end of first week feb!


Hi a.a

I had my tele interview last week, they said 75% people make it to the telephone round so there is alot, the NHS got 15000 app’s I am sure NGDP was on the same levels

good luck

Hope this helps


Hey Jack

Thanks for the update.

Am hoping they reply to my application soon! I haven’t applied for the NHS scheme, although applied to some others including the Essex grad scheme. Local government is an ideal place to be at the moment despite the cuts!

What questions did they ask you if you dont mind sharing?

I’ll update as soon as I get the same.

Thanks in advance.


hey jack.
how did your interview go?



I have been invited to the telephone interview too.

Has anyone had one yet? What questions do they ask? Do you need to know much about the scheme or is it all about competencies?

Any help would really be appreciated.


When is your interview? mine is on Wednesday


Mine is on Tuesday.


good luck.


I have spent all day today preparing. It is really depressing thinking about how hard it is to get in.


same. I just pray there aren’t any unexpected/tricky questions. I have been looking on other forums and apparently only 25% get through to telephone stage, so we are very lucky.


Hi Guys & Ladies

I am sorry for the late reply, (I hate when people dont reply to me lol) I am currently running for a Sabb role @ the union and working on my dissertation,

The questions the women asked were really general, team work, leadership, communication - those kind of things,

and why Local govenement, and my preference of locations I picked London, south west/south east.

the first question she asked me was “how is your degree going” (ice breaker) after that she got right into it,

Good luck to all, and please tell us how it went



The recruiter told me during the telephone interview that on 25% of people get this far. So everyone with an interview is really lucky.

I had my interview recently. I don’t want to give too much away, since it could disadvantage not only me but also everyone else who has already had an interview. So sorry for being a spoit sport. Here is what I am prepared to say though.

They don’t always ask the same questions anyway.

I was asked about team-work, helping someone, working with little guidance and using my analytical skills to understand undelying problems.

I was also asked what equal opportunities means, why it is important and what is affecting local government at the moment (spending cuts anyone?).



Just had my interview, though it went ok.
hopefully we will hear soon :slight_smile:


Mine went quite badly, I am not expecting anything.


1 question I did really bad on, described the complete opposite of what she wanted lol.
I hated my interviewer she reallly grilled me hard and tried to catch me off guard lol. I thought my answers were great but she always wanted to hear more info!

Hopefully, I did enough on the other questions to get through :frowning: if not on to the next one.


Hi Guys,

Ive made it to the AC stage, but this ‘information session’ is too too late notice,

Is anyone going to the London Info session?

And what AC (london) date have you chosen?