Next Trainee Merchandiser application process


I have cleared my numerical and verbal test. has anyone been through the pre recorded video interview stage. what kind of questions were asked and was it difficult?
do we get time to prepare for our answers?
thanks. :smiley:


I just passed the verbal and numerical test and have been invited to do the video interview. im just wondering, have you done yours? Any advice or tips? thanks


hi marcia… even i have to go through my video interview yet. so dont really know what they are gonna ask. good luck for urs. let me know how your interview was.


Thanks jbbaiju. I’m going to do mine at the weekend because the deadline is the 13th August for mine. From what I understood from the email you have a bit of time to practice ur answers. I’ll let you know what they ask! Good luck!!


Hi I’ve just done my numeracy test. Has anyone since got through to the telephone interview or heard back from your video interviews?


Hi rosemc,
Good luck with the aptitude test. I heard back within a week after it. I thought the video interview was ok. You have 4 mins to answer 3 questions: why do you wanna be a merchandiser?why should never hire you? What would you do if a range was late and not ready to launch? Try and be as bubbly as you can in it. Show enthusiasm.
Just waiting on my phone interview now. It’s on the 22nd Oct. I’ll let you know what questions they ask.


Sorry that should be *why should Next hire you? Weird typo (autocorrect!!!)


Hi maria_cir89
Thank you for letting me know :smiley: hopefully I will hear back soon then! Seems to be a long process. Good luck for the phone Interview :slight_smile:


I have been in the process now for 2 months and everything progressed seemingly every 2-3 weeks, I am now at the telephone interview and wondered if anyone else has reached this stage.