NEXT trainee buyer telephone interview


Hi everyone! Im jst wondering if anyone of u have applied for NEXT jobs and can anyone give me some advises on telephone interview pls…~~~~~~~


I had a tele interview in mid feb and passed!!!
They asked me competency based questions and stuff like what do u think next lacks? as in what more will you bring as a graduate buyer… i suggested that we cud improve the bags and shoes alittle… hope this helps
i hav an online test awaiting now. hope i clear that too!!!


Thanks Marvel21!!! but just wondering how long had u been waiting for the tele interview after you got the email sent to u? coz i ve been waiting for more than 3 weeks now…and how come another online test comes after the tele interview? have u done one b4 the tele interview yeah?


No I havnt done any tests. I sent my CV to a employment agency they got me tele interview from next.
have u done the test. is it tough?
well yeah I had my interview ages back. they said they will send me the test but still waiting…they r really slow. I hope thr is a position open.
Arcadia group is doin the same… I had my tele interview in jan.
whr else hav u applied>?


Hi Marvel21, I am also awaiting my telephone interview for the Trainee Buyer role. When you had your telephone interview did Next just ring you or did they email first to arrange a time? I know that Arcadia arrange a time for you to ring them, but I’m on edge in case Next just ring randomly! Thanks!

If its the Buyers role you have applied for then its only a verbal reasoning test that you have to do, which isn’t hard. If its the merchandiser role I think you also have to do a numerical test - I’ve done them for other companies and they are quite tough!


hi Marvel21, i applied the trainee buyer position on Next website and then was given a verbal test then passed, so now im jst waiting for their tele interview…its been more than 3 weeks now…i nearly give up and sometimes forgot it…btw, i also applied for merchandiser trainee but didn’t passed da test which as chocolatebutton said there will be both a verbal and numerical for merchandiser and a verbal for buyer…gud luck to u two!!i ll update here if i get anything back from Next


Hi guys i completed my verbal test! I cleared tht!!! fingers crossed… though they take ages to reply…now they said final stage assessment but didnt giv a date…
I keep lookin at my email n my fone hopin they wil cal or mail…my sistr says i m gettin mad…lols
howz u guys doin? any updates as to wen the assessment day wud b?


I’m still waiting for the telephone interview… Do they just ring randomly for it or arrange a time via email first? Thanks!


they call u to confirm the time… so i dont think u need to worry… also i heard some rumours as to the few people selected in their january final assessment day still havnt been offered a job… they are on hold until a vacancy arises…they say 6 months or so…I am tensed…Guess i will apply more places as well…hav u guys applied elsewhr? if yes whr?


Sorry, I don’t completely understand: do they call and ask if it is a suitable time for the interview? Or call to arrange a future time for interview? Thanks again!

That doesn’t sound good… If the rumour is true! A lot of companies are holding back on employment, and getting rid of existing staff so the rumour could be right! But in 6ish months it will be around September time, which is a common time for graduate schemes to start, so a lot a vacancies could arise then.

I’ve applied to loads… Tesco, Sainsburys, Asda and feels like hundreds more!! Got Asda assessment centre next Wednesday - never been to assessment centre before, so fingers crossed!! But Next is the job I really want! Where else have u applied?


ya they call and confirm a time convenient for u…
I just hope Next works out too…But I am goin to get watevr i get as of now…the economic scene sux…u dont kno wat mite happen in the 6 months…I had an assessment day with accenture. Waiting or Arcadia, Sainsburys,George, IBM…I hav almost applied to all graduate managemnt prgrams…



I’ve not applied for any management ones, they’ve all been buying roles… Wish I’d applied for everything now, would have given me a better chance!! Is it the Buyers role you’ve applied to at Next? Did you actually hear the ‘rumour’ from someone who passed the Next assessment centre? Just wanna know what the likeliness is in it being true!


Well I heard it from one of my college mates …she had an asessment end of jan…
so i m guessing its 100% true…
I applied for the buyer role at NEXT…
I just hope sumthin works out soon…Im doin an admin role right now and its gettin mundane…
best of luk for ur assessment…


Thanks! Good luck in your search too! I’ll update when i’ve had my telephone interview and if I hear about assessment centre, would really appreciate it if you’d do the same so I’m up to date on whats happening!! Thanks


Hi friends…I dun know if I should call back to Arcadia or not, coz heard u said still got nothing from them since telephone interview in Jan. I dun wanna b like tensed everyday…do i give it up or givit a try?…


Hi friends…I dun know if I should call back to Arcadia or not as I got an email just now and asking me to call back …coz heard u guys said still got nothing from them since telephone interview in Jan. I dun wanna b like tensed everyday…do i give it up or givit a try?…


Hi luluhan, I’d just go for it and ring them if that’s what they’ve asked you to do! Weren’t we talking about Next earlier in the thread? Have they asked you to ring for a particular reason in the email?


u mean in Arcadia email? yes in the email they asked me to call bk to a particular person to take the telephone interview but there wasn’t a time required; if u meant NEXT’s email, no they just said i would get a telephone interview in 8 weeks time and if i havn’t got it in 8 weeks jst contact them to tell. btw, wen did u have the telephone interview for Arcadia? wuts the next stages for arcadia and did u get bk from them?thanks


I’ve not applied to Arcadia because, firstly heard some not very good things about them from girls who have worked there previously when I was on Buying placement with Mosaic, and secondly I don’t want to work in Central London! - in the earlier message I was asking Marvel21 about the process of the Next telephone interview: whether it’s pre-arranged like the email you’ve just received from Arcadia, or whether they just ring and expect you to do the interview there and then. Hope that makes sense!

I received the same email from Next as you - received it on the 23rd February, so 5 weeks ago and not heard anything yet! I’m hoping I don’t hear from them within the specified 8 weeks because at least then I can ring them when I’m not busy and make sure I’m prepared!!

As for Arcadia I’d just get ready and then ring them - at least you’ll be prepared! I’m waiting for my Asda Assessment Centre next Wednesday - I’m so nervous!!


oh haha…sorry bout the confusion made…yes I agree wut u have said that we can call them wen we r free which is better than they call us randomly.