Next Trainee Buyer Assessment Centre


Hi everyone,

I had a telephone interview for the position of trainee buyer at Next this week and passed it. They’re going to contact me with the details for the assessment centre, but I’ve got a full time job at the moment and won’t have much time to prepare so I wanted to get a head start. Can anybody whose been to an assessment centre day tell me what you had to do? It says online I’ll have to a group exercise, one-to-one interview and a presentation but could anybody offer a bit more detail about exactly what kinds of things we have to do in these I’d really appreciate it!!

Thanks x


Hi I was wondering if you could help me I am applying for the same position and have a telephone interview what sort of things did they ask you? Also did they let you know before when the telephone interview would be? Thanks. Hannah


Hi Hannah,

Yeah they called me roughly a week beforehand and told me what day and what time it would be.

It was over a month ago now so I can’t remember exactly what they asked me, but here are some of the topics they touched on:

  • Tell me about NEXT
  • What have we been doing over the past five years
  • Who are our biggest competitors
  • What trends for Autumn do you think NEXT have done well
  • What trends do you think we’ve missed out on
  • What one product do you think NEXT is good at creating and why
  • What is your favourite NEXT product at the moment

I can’t think of any more I’m afraid! But they did ask the following questions about me rather than the company:

  • Tell me about your character
  • What do you think is your greatest achievement?
  • Have you done anything that you think relates to the position?

That kind of thing!

Hope this helps you a bit x


Thank you!


Hi, thank you for your post Lindsay - I had my telephone interview yesterday and your post helped me a great deal in preparing! Was just wondering how long before you heard and also, if you were put through to the assessment centre (Hoping you were! Lol), when it actually is? The guy that interviewed me said the next Assessment centre was going to be in February…quite a while away…


I had my telephone interview yesterday thank you for your help! They said the assessment day would be in February too if I get through!


No problem, glad I could help you both!

They basically didn’t set a time period, they just said whenever I was allocated a space at an assessment centre. They had one in October which I wasn’t invited to. I emailed them the other day to ask if there was an update and was told they’d try to book me in for the assessment centre they’re holding in December so fingers crossed I get on that one! x


I’m assuming that because they sort of do the recruitment in rounds - i.e. you guys sound like you’re in the round after me because you had your telephone interview two months after mine - that your assessment centre will also be at a later date because they spread them out throughout the year, if you see what I mean? It’s quite difficult to explain!


Yeah it makes sense, also makes me quite nervous as clearly they are receiving A LOT of applicants! I wonder how many people per assessment centre…


Yeah they take people all year round so they must get a lot of people applying I looked at M&S graduate buying scheme and they had 13,500 applicants last year!


Hi all, just wondering if anyone has been through the assessment centre yet? I have mine on Friday and would love to get a bit of an idea as to what to expect! Cheers!


Hi Lyzany! Comgrats on getting through to the AC! How did it go? I have one in a few weeks (for the Merchandising Programme), and any help would be great!!