Next Merchandiser Trainee


Hi guys, I am wondering if anyone has been to Next AC? The role I applied for is Merchandiser at its headoffice in Leicester. I have only just passed the 1st phase and am waiting to do the online ability test next. Have you done Next’s numerical/reasoning test b4? or have you been to its assessment centre? Thanks in advance guys!!!


Sorry I think Im a bit late to reply coz i kno u should have done the tests already…but i also applied for trainee merchandiser and trainee buyer, and i passed the test on trainee buyer but not merchandiser…and i will have a telephone interview with 8 weeks although i ve been waiting for a week already…anyways, gud luck to ur test results!!


Hi luluhan, thanks for your reply. No I havent done the tests yet. Are the two tests(Manchandiser/Buyer) different?


oh…both of them have verbal test which was 18 minutes answering 24 questions which included 8 small reading text (appro 100-200 words), and obviously there were 3 questions for each text.
and a numerical test for merchandiser but not for buyer…and the numerical test were not that difficult as u can go to the psl website for some practice, they are similar~~ and remember do not spend too much time on one questions and do remember the 'cannot say ’ options also have big probability as the right answer~~
anyways, hope this helps! gud luck!!!


Thanks a lot luluhan!!!


hi~~have u done da tests yet? did u hear from Next for a telephone interview? btw, i have not got a call from them yet…worried! gud luck!!!


just did the online test today for trainee merchandiser. the maths test was difficult, i only managed to answer half the questions(you need to be very fast or very very clever to complete it) the verbal test i found easy. but i reckon i’ve failed because of the math section!!!


hihi…dun think like that, coz i thought i was failed after doing the test but i still got a telephone interview with them…but i kno sometimes maths test is difficult and normally ppl can not finish them all…
but anyways, dun think negative! u will be fine!!! GUD LUCK!!!


i felt 20 mins for the maths test was too short!!!
how soon after you completed the test did u get the “CALL”???cause i completed both sections and without any response on when i would hear feedback???/


oh…they never told u about ur test results whatever u got passed or not…
and i got their email saying i passed the test and would get a telephone interview 3 days later after i done the test


i wait in vain :frowning:


6 days have past and no response frm NEXT after my diabolical performance in the Online Test (maths section). hear this people of WIKIJOB, learn ur stuff–be quick to answer questions, unlike me!!!


hello yorkshirepudding, dun b upset, coz they will definitely reply you whether or not they r gonna pass u to the next stage, so no news is still good news!!!im still waiting for my telephone interview…


it happened today, the day i knew would arrive but didnt expect! i was in a merry mood as i opened the email–not knowing the consequence “YOU HAVE BEEN UNSUCESSFUL”… i would of been perfect for the job i was a allocator in my previous job with experience, well if the twats dont wont me SCREW U GUYS, IM GOIN HOME!!!
Yorkshire pudding over n out!!!


I applied for the trainee buyer and received an email 3 and a half weeks ago to tell me I was through to the telephone interview stage. Spent every day so far waiting for the call… but still nothing! Was hoping someone on here may have received the call and could give some tips!! Luluhan, seems like I must have got the email a few days before u, goin by the date on your posting, so we’ll probably get the call at a similar time too… I’ll update on here as soon as I hear something. Yorkshirepudding, I have had so many ‘Unsuccessful’ emails from other companies I’ve applied to, this is my last hope!


well, they called me…
but why? She left me confused…
she said: how many applications did u submit? ’ three’ I said.
then she sounded pretty pissed on the phone: we only gave u two chances, why did u give us 3 applications? you have not been successful, you didnt pass the tests. Then I asked: Can I try again next year? She said: NO NO, WE ONLY GIVE U TWO CHANCES and that’s it.

Is it my fault that I am too keen?
Has any of you guys been warned: DO NOT SUBMIT MORE THAN 2 APPLICATIONS? I certainly was not…
oh well…never mind…


hello chocolatebutton, its nice to c ur message here, yes im still waiting, yeah, seems u should get their phone interview earlier than me…and i ll definitely update u guys if i get their phone…gud luck to u guys!!!


Hi meandgangs, when I applied I was going to apply to both Trainee buyer and merchandiser, but I,m sure I read either on the Next website or another that I’ve applied to that you should only apply for one role… So every company I’ve applied to I’ve only applied for the Buying role. They suggest you should read the job descriptions and apply for whichever suits you best. However, I’ve never read on any job I’ve applied for that you can’t submit more than two applications - as I’ve said its usually one, or there is no mention of a limit.

It could give the impression that you are very keen, but they’ve obviously taken the view that you have wasted their time… Looking forward to my phone interview even less now!

Luluhan, it was nice to see this thread as I don’t know anyone else who is at this stage. I’m worried about the telephone interview, have you had one from any other companies?


hello chocolatebutton, i have not had a formal telephone interview b4 but i had a few like small companies’ interview, they asked similar questions like why do u want this job ,y u applied this position, and tell me a time that u r being a team member/leader, questions like normal interview questions that u can search on the internet or on this wikijob forum…but i recon that telephone interview will normally be to confirm ur education background and work experiences…its should b easier than a face-to-face interview…so i think we ll be fine!!


Fingers crossed!! Are you living near Enderby would you have to relocate? I’ve had a couple of small telephone interviews, but nothing like this. A couple of my friends have recently had telephone interviews for Topshop as Buyers admin assistant, and neither of them were successful. They were given appointment times to ring, so were prepared too! They were asked questions like why do you want to be a buyer, why do you want to work for the company, describe current trends, describe future trends, etc…