Next merchandiser assessment centre


Hello, I’ve just had a phone interview for Next and was told if I am successful the assessment centre is next week. Has anyone done the Next assessment centre and was wondering if you could give me some tips. It says on their website you need to do a presentation do you prepare this before?



I’ve got mine next friday as well! Are you going to do the morning or afternoon one?


is anyone coming for the afternoon session? see you all there


I applied for the position of trainee merchadiser last week and today recieved an email saying id passed the application so the next stage is the online ability tests. How long does the whole process take? The email says they will contact me within 8 weeks to sit the tests :S does it really take this long just to sit an online test? Any help will be appreciated :slight_smile:


Hi NorthernAngel…no it does not take that long, but it does take longer than other companies…i applied for this position in november last year and i’m attending the assessment centre this week…so it’s taken me about 5 months to get to the assessment centre…sometimes they do not have that many available slots on assessment days, so they have to put candidates on hold…
they should email you within a week with the online tests…


Oh great, thank for your help :slight_smile: It annoys me when everything takes so long but i supose they’l hav a lot of applications. Good luck with your assessment centre…fill us all in on what its like if you can


ive got the assessment centre friday morning too!do you prepare the presentation on the day or before hand?


ohhh thankyou mini eggs!!i had a near heart attack when i read your previous post!good luck everyone!!i bought some rescue remedy to calm my nerves :slight_smile:


Weey!!! I found out yesterday I got the job! so pleased!!! was anyone else from friday’s afternoon session as well?


Hey guys, how did your assessment centres go? what did they include? Hope some of you were successful :slight_smile: Im still waiting for my online tests hmmmph…


Jeeez just done the online numeracy test…definitely written for Einstein!! More than likely failed :frowning:


No, i haven’t heard anything either minieggs. i was on the morning session too.


I took the online tests 3 weeks ago & still havent heard anything, anyone know how long it takes? should i email them?


I have the telephone interview soon for trainee merchandiser, can anyone tell me what sort of questions this includes? Any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:


Could anyone PLEASE let me know what exactly the assessment centre entails!? Thankyou in advance! :slight_smile:


Hey guys,

I recently did my application for the Next Trainie Merchandiser position and got through to the online test. I have 5 days to complete it but im really nervous about the numerical reasoning. If anyone has previously done this could you please help on what it may entail and the type of maths it will include? Thank you! :slight_smile:


Hey Freefall,

I’ve done the online tests, having thought I’d failed them I found out I passed, I am quite numerate but I’ll tell you my experience.

All questions are really statistics based, checking if you can calculate basic percentages really. They test your attention to detail by using confusing wording to try and catch you out so make sure you read what they’re asking.

The test is 20 mins and has 20 questions. I didn’t finish, completing 17 out of 20 but passed.

I found the verbal reasoning harder but that’s just me, I’ve always been better at maths than I have at English. They both give you practice tests before the actual tests and you can’t actually proceed without getting the practice questions correct, so you’ll be fine.

Good luck!



congrats on passing! i also passed. i thought i had failed big time but somehow managed to get through! have you had your telephone interview yet? i’m still waiting and have no idea when they will call. i wonder if they call to arrange a time or if they just call and spring the telephone interview on you. i want some time to prepare so lets hope its the first option.

good luck for the phone interview if you’ve not already had it!



Thanks, congrats to you too! Yes I had it on Thursday (02 September) morning. I got an email (as you will have too :p) saying that I’d passed the online tests and there’ll be a telephone interview sometime within next 8 weeks.

On Tuesday (31 Aug) I got a text saying I had to call a number to book an interview slot, I called immediately and got offered 02 Sept or 16th. I chose the early one, I prepared on Wednesday and had it on Thursday :slight_smile: Still waiting to hear back.


i havent received any messages! maybe they’ve forgotten about me? lol
i hope they get back to me soon though! im glad they allow you to book a slot. i thought it would be sprung on me and i’d end up freaking out!
anyway goodluck, hope you make it to the final interview process and keep me posted!