Hi Everyone,

I’m having my AC for NEXT Merchandiser Trainee this 23 Sept and wonder if you could help me with some tips!

So here are the scheduled activity for the day:
• Individual Activity and Discussion
• Group Activity
• Structured Interview

Does anyone of you know what the Individual Activity and Discussion involved of? Do they re test the numerical and verbal test again? What kind of task involved?

Anybody know what the Group Activity would be like? What kind of task involved etc?

Anybody know what the Structured Interview would be like? How would it differ from the phone interview as it covered pretty much everything.

I am so nervous because this is my first Assesment centre. If anyone of you could help with some information that would be fantastic…anything about it would be really appreciated. I have read many articles about assessment day and researching on NEXT industry, but still I have no fixed idea how it would be like…so if anyone of you have the information it would be really helpful. I want this job so much, I prepare for the day like my real university assignment :slight_smile:
I would appreciate if the discussions stick to the assessment day, if you require information about the phone interview or online test there are previous thread about it :slight_smile:

Thank you so much !



How did your AC go? Hope you got the job

I have mine coming up and would love some info and tips for the day???

I got told it’s a group activity, on-line tests and a 1-1 interview. I really want the job so any help would be much appreciated

Thank you!


Hey facobasten1984,

Any info on the AC would be really appreciated from me too!! Is there a presentation involved in the group activity ?

Hope to hear back! Thanks


Hi everyone,

I have an assessment day next week for the trainee merchandiser role at Next, and would appreciate any insight into the different activities that are involved in the day. Is the interview 1-1 or is it a panel interview? What is involved in the group and individual activities? Is there a role play part during the day?



hi Lucy,

how was your assessment day. Hope it went well. and would you mind to share some information?