Newest KPMG Assessment Centre


Hi there

Does anyone went to KPMG’s AC after Jan 1 2013? Is the format still the same with last year consisting of e-tray, analysis, simulated office? Got an invitation to KPMG’s AC in 5 days lasting from 8:30 to 19:00, much longer than last year’s. Don’t know if any other evaluation method added or format changed, a bit of panic at the moment… any information? Thanks…


hi, same here… AC on 24th Jan…have no idea how to prepare and really stressed out now…


Hey, how was your AC going? is it still the same format?


A mandarin test was followed after the original AC, but shouldn’t be a problem if mandarin is your first language… As to the result, 6 of us attending AC on that day for the same program all failed, including an Oxford and Imperial…Get some decent rest the night before, the AC day will be really tiring:)


Well. Thank you very much for your answer. May I ask are you all Chinese? Which Programme did you apply to? The mandarin one? Audit/consulting?


Yup, mandarin audit. Good luck to u~~~


Hello. Can anyone please brief about the recent ACs. I would be very greatfull!


Hey Xcaliber1,

My AC is also coming up, so any suggestions or tips for me.