New vacancies at KPMG


I’m a grad in KPMG restructuring and I have discovered some new graduate vacancies have opened up in the department in London and the Midlands. I’m commenting on here because I was told applications had dropped off once word went out there were no places left. But as restructuring is booming in the current economic climate they have decided to view more applications. If you are interested in management I seriously recommend this as a great training programme, seeing the recession through the busiest sector really offers great experience and an interesting job. Post questions here if you have any.


will they let me apply if the 12 months since my last app haven’t finished yet? :stuck_out_tongue:


Good question - I’m not sure. If you are saying you applied and failed a test this year I guess not as its still part of the same entry year. If you were told placs were full I would guess so. Best option would be to email the graduate recruitment team you spoke to before and say you heard there were some vacancies in restructuring that have just opened up and ask if you are still eligible.


I am actually just completing an application for the Restructuring vancancy.

As a grad in the practice, what kind of tasks do you do when working on a project?

I would also really appreciate some advice for answering ‘What attracts you to the position you have applied for?’


Hi b-flat, good luck with the application.

As a grad in the practice, what kind of tasks do you do when working on a project?

When I joined it annoyed me that the grads in the year above me kept saying “there is no typical project or typical role” and this is true, and its the best thing about restructuring in my view (variety), but I know its not a helpful answer. In your first 2 years most of the projects you work on will be administrations, put simply when a company can no longer make ends meet administrators get appointed to try and get as much money back from the company to pay the creditors, those owed money (apologies if I’m explaining too much but its better that way than the opposite). Sometimes the best way to this it by trading the company for a while either aiming to sell the company, or parts of it, or trading in profitable area as the company is wound down. A project like this is great experience, the administrators, normally two partners, effectively becoem the companies directors and normally only a small team of 2-4 will be working on one project. This means you will get to see and when possible coontribute to a lot of the strategy decisions. Obviously though your main tasks are somewhat lower but very varied. In my first year my tasks have included everything from corresponding with creditors (perhaps negotiating with a pre-admin supplier to get them to continue to supply to the company), monitoring payments that are being and preparing them for approval, helping to prepare reports that go out to creditors, negotiating some of the smaller sales of the companies assets, reconciling the accounts, keeping the files up to date … the list goes on, and I think this is the strength of being trained in restructuring you get to see a lot of the areas of a business both when its being operated normally and when its being wound down or restructured for a sale. The not so nice side of the job includes the filing already mentioned and the days when there are redundancies or store closures in the company, at some point in your first year you probably will have to do one yourself. Obviously its not a great day but the flip side is being there when they announce the business has been sold and jobs saved.

Aside from admins you will also help prepare for new work, maybe doing some conflict check to make sure a new client can be accepted and helping out on advisory work. After your first year you will be seconded to audit for 3 busy seasons to get more experience with financials and also start to mix administration projects with advisory projects.

I would also really appreciate some advice for answering ‘What attracts you to the position you have applied for?’

Obviously I dont know what attracts you to the position, perhaps from reading the above you have a better idea of why you might enjoy it. When I was applying I thought restructuring would give me a lot of variety, I remember saying in my interview that I liked the idea of seeing companies as they go through change as opposed to say audit which I imagined to be seeing clients at a snapshot. And I still stick by this comment, I really think restructuring offers a lot of variety and joining this year you will be joining a department in its boom time so you should expect to get a lot of experience in your first couple of years.

Perhaps the best help I can give for that question though is at the application stage they dont expect you to know everything about the job, they will be looking for people who show a genuine interest and want to learn more.

Hope this helps and good luck.

Let me know if you have any other questions.