New KPMG offer xone for soon-to-be-new starts


Got the email today, did a lot to allay the fears that I’ve had over the past couple of weeks with all the news that’s going around about 4 day weeks and all.

Roll on January 2010, I can’t wait to get started!





That’s a long wait mate, what you going to do to fill the gap?

Become an amateur boxer or powerlifter. A much better decision than “travelling” and all that bollocks. Looks great on your CV (for the future).


i’ve received the email too!

i don’t wish to sound pessmistic, but how does the post-offer zone allay your fears about what could happen? it doesn’t confirm the start dates, nor how we could be affected by the new working arrangements.


I don’t think there is anything new in it is there?

Or am I missing something?



“xone” is way more fun!!.!

there are a few bits that are new like buddy and some stuff… talking of which i guess i need to say hi to my buddy at some point :S


Have you actually got who your buddy is noob? Or are you starting quite soon, cos I’m not sure if I’ll get anything until a month or two before…

Querty - it just makes me feel better that things are moving on and that I’m just not sitting waiting for that amount of time for more news.

And Reg, yep I’m gonna go and become a barefist fighter up in the Himalayas - think Hot Shots Part Deux with the M&Ms dipped in caramel and you’re getting there… (actually leaving to go travelling next Sunday)


Actually speak of the devil I check my emails this morning and there’s one from my ‘buddy’ :slight_smile:


Being a barefist fighter up in the himalayas sounds like an awesome idea. Though the rest of you should probably be better protected, it gets kinda cold up there eh. :stuck_out_tongue:

how long are you travelling for? all the way to next year?


About 6 or 7 months, at least until the money runs out…


Are any of you guys planning on going back to your office for a better look around? I thought it would be a good idea so I arranged it with my “buddy”.

I thought they may have better explained whats happening with the “4 day a week” plan; Does that mean we should consider it a contingency plan that does not affect us…or are they just keeping us out of the loop! Anyhow…cant wait to get started! September feels like its just so far away!


I considered asking for an office tour, but at this stage I’m not sure which I’ll office I’m going to be based at.

Incidentally, how do you find out who your buddy is?


When i accepted my offer i said i would like to have another look around, so the partner put me in touch with one of the recently qualified trainees.

As far as the Offer Zone goes, I think you should just phone up the recruitment line. Im sure they will point you in the right direction.


I’ve got the offer zone bit but how did you find out about your buddy?? I don’t remember seeing a bit about that…


You should get an email directly from him/her…I’ve just got mine so it should be on the way…



Yeah I spoke with HR and was told that the buddy will get in touch in due course (mostly likely via the same email account that you’ve been receiving all your kpmg emails at)


hey guys :slight_smile: congrats on yout offer. I was wondering how long it took from hearing that you were successful to actually being emailed with info re: the offer zone, signing the contract etc…?

getting paranoid they’ve changed their mind