oh dear I also have an AC for my audit summer internship next friday. what’s your program?




heeey, will highly appreciate if you tell us how did it go on, I still have my interview coming, any tips? did interview also change? what was asked! any advice will be appreciated guys :slight_smile:


Telephone interview is still the same Sarah, same questions asked depending on competencies.


Thanks and good luck on friday :slight_smile: I am sure you will be fine but please don’t forget to post your experience Thanks :slight_smile:


In your email about the AC, did it say it finishes at 5 or 1pm? Cos I was told it finishes at 1…


it says 1pm for me


says 5 for me, depends if u have your partner presentation on the same day.


Right, cos i was told 5, but I don’t have a presentation…


AC tommorow!!!..Wonder if we’re some of the first graduates to experience this new format…Hopeful thinking but maybe they’ll go a bit easy on assessing us as they don’t have many previous applicants to compare us to…although that could work against us aswell :frowning:


Hi Guys,

I had my KPMG AC recently, and as a lot of you probably know by now the process has changed quite a lot from last year so i’ll give a brief run down of my experiences.

Task 1: Written exercise

We were given a booklet outlining the fictional firm we would be working for AAA and the fictional client (an energy company). We then had to complete the first etray exercise, which was the written section. You are asked to write a report for the client, outlining the what the company is doing well, areas it could improve and challenges it faces in the future.
This is probably the most challenging part of the day as you have a large booklet to read not the brief is quite vague, adding to the time constraints.

The first task lasts for 60mins and is followed by a 10min self-review section at the end, were you must describe what areas of the task you were pleased with, areas you were displeased with and what you would do differently in the future. This is assessed so I would recommend highlighting an problems you had and try to justify, i.e. how time constraint caused you to miss certain details etc.

Task 2: E-Tray Exercise

After a 10min break you go back into the room to complete the second task.
This is the etray were you answer incoming emails, voicemails, and reports.
It is slightly different to the Civil Service practice etray in that there you are required to respond to some emails and voicemails with a written response as well as the most appropriate action. I would recommend that you answer the emails, voicemails and reports separately, leaving the reports to last.

Again this task lasts for 60mins and after you have lunch with two of the current employees. Our group was split into two, with half of us given about 30mins for lunch and the others given 45mins.

Task 3: Simulated Meeting with Client

You then go back into the room and are given a booklet and asked to prepare for a simulated meeting with a new employee at the energy company. You are told in the brief that AAA is tendering a proposal for the company, however you have worked together in the past but the relationship ended after a breakdown in communication. Thus the employees at the energy company are concerned that this may happen again.

The simulated meeting is with an actor who stays in character which is a bit strange at first.

Tips are to:

  1. Keep track of time as you lead the meeting therefore need to make sure it isn’t too short or too long.
  2. The focus of the interview should be on providing assurances that open communication will be a key factor in the new working relationship.

Task 4: Simulated Meeting with Manager

Again you are given a brief for the meeting and 15mins to prepare.

The objective of this meeting is to feedback the information you gained from the client meeting and to propose any ideas you have with regards to adding value to the proposal.

Tips are to:

  1. Be slightly less formal in this interview as it is supposed to with a colleague, therefore your ability to build relationships is being tested. However maintain professional manner when discussing key issues.
  2. Feedback everything that you learnt about your client and really try to think of innovative ways to improve the processes, it is important that you think outside the box than state the obvious.

After this, and the final self review, you are free to go. I had my AC on Friday and got an email the next Wednesday saying that I had passed.

Let me know if you have any more questions and good luck!


thank you so much. this is very helpful!!

i would like to ask if the written exercise is laptop-based? can i make notes on the booklet itself?
about the e-tray exercise. i suppose i’ll get multiple choice answers to the emails and voicemails but a written response for the report? also can i use my own calculator during the assessment?

this is quite different to what i expected but well, good luck tomorrow guys :wink:


If the AC is only until 1, does that mean there is only the e-tray?


Hi Tashie,

Yes your response in the written exercise is done on a laptop, however you are also given a hard copy of all the information and yes it is fine to write on this.

With regards to the etray, the responses to the emails and voicemails are a mixture of multiple choice and written responses, the reports require some calculations and some written responses.
Yes, I think the person next to me used their own calculator for this, just make sure you ask first as it’s more polite.



I have an assessment center coming with KPMG on the 13th October. could you please tell me whether the partner interview was on the same day. and if yes, what questions did the partner ask?


what time does it usually finish? I’ve been told 9.30-5.30 but it doesnt seem it would last that long given what you’ve described? Especially as there’s only a half-hour lunch…Is there much we can do to prepare as we are being tested on things we cant necessarily revise for… ?



Hi Graduate_88,

Thanks for all the information you’ve posted…could you please elaborate a bit more on the simulated meetings…like for the client one, is it purely structured around how to improve communication or do you mention other topics in the meeting?..In your opinion is it an excercise that you can prepare for before the AC

Thanks for all your help!


I have an AC for Tansactions and Restructuring on October 18th. Does this new format apply to T&R? Also, is there another stage after the AC now? There is no sign of a partner interview here…


Hi guys, Im new to this site but i have my kpmg AC on friday. if the AC finishes at 1 then what exercises will be included? do we have to have a partner interview and presentation? and is there no group exercise? any more information about the simulated meetings would be a great help! thankyouu