New: Graduate Intake for EY 2016


As the previous thread for this topic has become huge, feel free to start discussions about graduate intake at EY in 2016 in this new thread.

As with the previous thread, please share your experiences regarding future online tests, interviews, assessment centres, etc.



i can’t believe my thread became so huge:)
i guess it is the first time in the history of wikijobs when such case happened:))))))))))


It was pretty impressive! I believe that’s the first time we’ve had to ask that a new thread be created, because the original had become so big. Nice work :wink:


Any advice on interview questions that will be asked in final interview would be appreciated. I am mainly worried about them being very specific about what goes on in my service line (tax). Was also wondering what the success rate is like for the final partner interviews :slight_smile: Thank you everybody


How was your AC experience? I mainly want to know about the reports?


Hello, I have an AC coming up for the EY legal training contract for sept 2016. Does anyone please have any advice? It is a new initiative so I cannot find any information on it. Can anyone please help? I would be very very grateful.


hi guys,
any thoughts on how to choose topic for presentation to partner?
currently I am struggling with it and don’t know how to approach it


Had final interview on 17th and still haven’t heard anything, is it normal to have to wait this long?


Hi guys. Just passed my phone interview. Only lasted 20 mins. Most Qs were their strength based ones e.g.
-“if you had a method that you knew always worked, would you ever deviate from it”
-“tell me a time you had to prove your potential”
As well as:
-“Why EY, the service line, the sub service line, and the location” (Said exactly like that, all as one question!)
-“What do you understand of EY’s mission/aim/whatever the term is” - mentioned vision 2020 etc.


How are you approaching it? I’ve used a personal project which I am a part of and its about helping the society


I have not still chosen the topic for it. how many slides did u prepare?


Hi guys, I have an assessment centre coming up on the 21st. Do candidates get re-tested on the numerical or any other tests during the AC? Thanks!!


No, they don’t. Good luck!



Can anyone please share their partner interview experience? The type of questions asked?

Thank you so much :slight_smile:


Hi guys, I have an AC coming up this week and am just preparing my presentation now, what sort of questions do they ask about it? (I’m applying for tax) What format is the partner interview? i.e. what sort of questions are asked? Is it mainly focused on yourself or the service line that you’re applying for?


Hi everyone, I have an AC coming up soon. I wanted to ask about what kind of reports we have to write for the written exercise and the level of detail required. Is it better to give a short report and finish all task or focus on quality instead ? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Hi I just wanted to know how you got on with your presentation and assessment centre?


i am still waiting for AC date


hi can someone please tell me how many reports and emails you have to write in the assessment center is it the same as the 2015 version as i have heard there is a new 2016 version for the written exercise?


Hi, just wondering if you have had your assessment centre yet and if you have do you have any advice or help especially for the presentation. Thanks