New : EY 2017 Graduate Intake



Hi Guys and Gals, thank you for your valuable feedback till now. This is now the most popular thread on


ey should open 1st september if not first week of september


I’m wondering too! Good luck all!


It’s opened! Good luck!


Thanks everyone. They are open now. Good luck to everyone!


Anyone have any tips to pass the strength interview?


I passed it a few months ago and then they ran out of roles so I never got booked in to the final stage but as long as you understand the role and why you are going for it, what EY want to achieve and how you can contribute towards that, you should be fine. It wasn’t so much ‘give an example of…’ it was more about who you are and how your skills fit


Hello, Can anyone tell me besides the certificate and transcripts, what other documents I need to upload to support my application? Do I need to upload my CV? Is Cover Letter necessary? Because in the application form there is an open question about my motivation to choose EY and the particular business area, I think that part has already covered everything in a Cover Letter


Sorry. I am applying for actuarial, so didn’t come across the motivational questions. And yes, unlike the application for PwC which asks you to list down all work experiences on their proprietary form, EY needs the resume. Good Luck!


I didn’t upload anything and still passed through to the tests so not sure if it necessary!


I applied for audit, didn’t attach anything, and got through to the testing stage.


Not even a resume/CV :open_mouth:


Hi!, Can someone please tell me what strengths EY is looking for? I went through their website and it doesnt say anythig about particular strengths that EY is looking for in its employees?

Also, in the strength based questions, do we have to give the answer by using the STAR technique like with other competency questions?

I’d be so grateful if someone could help me out with this please.


Hi Shin Lee,
I submitted a CV and Cover Letter. I don’t think the cover letter is mandatory but I reckon it shows that you have put a lot of thought into your application so I would definitely recommend it. It is however up to you.
Best of luck!


Hi MK123, take a look at the job description for the role you are applying for. You will notice a section that says ‘what are we looking for’ - that’s where you will find EY’s strengths. Best of luck


And what about the STAR technique?


Hello! Does anyone know when the deadline for the 2017 graduate intake in Assurance is?


No idea. But I have seen people even applying in Jan, so I don’t think you should worry about it that much.


Ah okay, thanks!


Do we need to follow the STAR technique when answering strength based questions?