New Deloitte partner interview presentation question


With the ever-increasing demand for companies to report more and faster information how do you think the audit profession might have to adapt going forward?

Can anyone help me with this, I find this to be quite a tough question and cant think of what to write except for the obvious things, my partner interview is monday.



can anyone lend a hand?


Hello, I have the same presentation to give soon! Pls can anyone shed some light on this topic. Iam struggling!


Hi I’m not at the final interview stage yet (not audit either), but i know a little bit of auditing, hope this helps:

  • Reporting more and faster will definitely put strain on auditors current work load, which might affect their work quality.
  • So i suppose rigid quality control procedures will come in handy.
  • And partner reviews (hot / cold) can be quite useful.
    Or maybe you can talk about whether it‘s necessary to provide so much info after all. Or maybe the auditing professionals as a whole should act together to prevent big corporations to pressure them with shorter and shorter deadlines.

Hope this helps! New to wiki, read a lot of threads, so come back to give something back.


Hey vinsta and umcho,

How did your interviews go? I have the same presentation coming up and would really appreciate some insight!


Congrats on getting the offer stringbean! Did u do ur presentation standing or u sat n presented? How did u introduce ur self when u were abt to start the presentation. Many thanks!