Never use a Recruitment Agency!-please read and dont fall into traps!



Hi Friends, First I hope Wiki wont delete this!!! Please read further…its worth reading… This is just to share my unfortunate experience which was so devastating that I do not want anyone to come across such a situation. I have had applied for the position of Financial Ombudsman Adjudicator. First, I got a mail from an agency (they saw my CV n some website) regarding this job about the same time I discovered about this job advertised by the FOS directly in the milk round. I replied happily to the agency saying I am inetersted to apply for the post as it was something which I was really looking for. Infact, it was so cos I had done my PhD proposal on that which I cudn continue due to non availability of funding. They asked me whether I am happy if they represent me. I thought they may know more about the whole procedure and would represent me properly as they will get money. So I didn apply to the FOS directly thinking that why should I bombard them with my application from different sides. Anyways, I did the SHL test which I passed and went to London all the way from my place (three hrs journey by train) to take the letter writing test and the SHL verifying test. First, I took the verifying test and then they came to me with the letter writing siatution. I took the test and I was very confident about the whole thing that I will get the position as I know the FOS, FSA and all in & out. I knew well how to handle the letter writing situation as I was well prepared and wrote a proper letter. After that, the person who guided me there told me that he will send my aplication along with the letter to the FOS and they would get back in a weeks time or so. This happend on last thursday. I contacted the agency thru email to the lady who was dealing with me, (i called them many times but they didn put my call to the person dealing with my matter) whether they have heard anything from the FOS for which they replied they have not yet and it is still under process. I contacted them again yesterday for which I got the reply that the FOS contacted them with the pass and fails and unfortunately my letter was not accepted. I could not believe it, bcos I know how I did it, how well I handle the situation and give a good shot (i know somtimes it happens that you may be confident yet u wudn get thru, but this time it wasnt just so). I thought I should get the feedback, I cant do anything better ever in my life and that means I will be jobless for ever!!! I contacted the agency and asked for feedback . After a long time trying them, a person (not the lady who delas with my matter) contacted me and said they cannot get feedback as FOS would not give considering the large number of applications. I tried to make them understand why I feel I should get a feedback. After all I am a lawyer atleast I should know my right! I contacted the recruitment section of FOS directly and asked for feedback and I told them I am contacting them directly cos the agency told me FOS will not give feedback. The FOS took my name and the name of agency and informed me they will give the feedback for my appli to the agency who will contact me as that’s their policy. I thought fair enough! I wrote to the lady of the agency with whom I was corresponding that I had asked for feedback and you will get it and please send that to me as soon as you recieve it. Minutes after that I got a call from the Agency again, just to inform me that MY APPLICATION WAS NOT SUBMITTED. I asked him why, he said I didn pass the verifying SHL test. How on earth can they tell me so after being so long saying that my application has been submitted and is waiting for response. If I hadnt passed the verifying one why did I do the letter writing? they cud have checked then and there the result of the test before proceeding to the next stage. And I was the only person who was there to take this on that day afternoon, so it was not like there were 10’s of ppl and they cant do it for everyone. It was just me there on that day after noon. And I dont believe i didn pass the SHL, cos whenver I do the vrbal reasoning I do score more than 60 or 70 all the time and also apart from online test, i was preparing with the GMAT questions. I just don believe it and I have mails from them saying I passed it and they have nevr till that call told me that my application was not submitted. I could not talk to the agency again after that when I recovered from the shock as it was after 4.00pm and they had finished for the day. If I had applied directly, this would not have happened to me. I trusted the agency and did not do my appli directly. I do not know whether the FOS has closed the date. I am waiting to check with them on monday. I saw this job still advertised by this agency and another one. But I no more trust the agencies. They just need money and it may not be through you (even if you are the best candidate) that they make, so they dont have to care that. I pity the employers who use them!!! I feel sad for those like me who had not got justice or what they deserve for no fault of ours. I know what to do and how to deal the matter with the agency…they are supposed to be career makers not career breakers!!!..but I would be happy if you can give your thoughts on this. Further, just a piece of advice if this helps anyone out there… If ever any agency contacts you with any job…google that first you will see the detilas how to apply to the employer directly and do that…you can be at peace later!!! I am not generalising with my experience but there are some situations which are avoidable…after all you learn from your experiences but there are certain things that you can learn from experiences of others also!!! Thanks for reading!!!