Never use a Recruitment Agency!-please read and dont fall into traps!



We are the misunderstood middlemen. We also provide pay roll services which saves our clients money as they do not then have to employ someone. We are the ones who read through 100 CV’s a day and choose 5 for our clients so they can keep their company running and not waste their time…also saving them money.

I’d say for a company big enough we may be an essential.


Hi all, am sorry to be posting randomly on this thread but just wanted to get the word out. I work for ET Casting and we are looking for male job-seekers aged 23-28 for a (generously) paid advert. Shooting in August so with the rather quick turn around, we need any applications of anyone interested by this Sunday. Please head on over to the ‘Casting Calls’ section of our wesbite to read a little bit more and apply if you’d like! Best wishes, Team ET :slight_smile:


Hi Rami, I am a recruitment consultant it makes me frustrated when i hear so many negative points on recruitment. Getting rid of agencies will not help un-employement as many GOOD recruitment agencies help fill the roles with right candidates when the Employers are unable to. Plus there are over 20,000 recruitment agencies in Britain so getting rid of them would only increase un-employment. I could give a bad name about every industry as in each industry there are bad companies. I can name several times where i candidate has struggled to find work for month and i have gone out of my way to help them and secure them a great job! not all recruitment Consultants are bad like picking any service your have to pick the right one when you find the right one you stick with them!


Thanks for the warning. I’m fed up with these recruiters hijacking all the job boards (Indeed, Adzuna, etc) it’s all fake shit ads put up by Robert Half just to get my email and spam me offers to attend their ‘retooling’ seminars (get your Project Mgt degree for only £99). Please someone create a job listing site that is ONLY FROM EMPLOYERS not these blood sucking recruiters!


Good day. I am looking for a position in, Data Capturing, Debtors, Creditors, invoicing, credit notes, cash book, admin job.


100% agree with you


I agree these businesses should banned across the globe! I worked for one that used to contribute my pay and steal my holiday pays, hours, etc. This can’t be legal every time I need a job I have to speak with someone have no experience or knowing anything about the subject. But at the same time everything depends on these people! My life, your life and those companies trusting them to find the right candidate. Not to mention the good well paying jobs are they social capitals so its goes to their friends friends and go on. Ridiculous but in this instance I can’t laugh about it!


I can definitely relate to this. I have been a job seeker going on for 8 months now. Agencies have been nothing but a constant disappointment and have not had 1 good experience with any agency. Contacting the company directly seems to be more positive than using any agencies, at least with doing this you get a straight up answer rather than getting screwed around my agencies who do nothing but waste your time. I liked your post a lot and can tell you that you aren’t the only one :slight_smile:


I’m not British born, but I did vote for leave EU. Im 13 years here and so many things has changed. Deffinitely too many ppl in UK. I hope it can get sorted and be less unemployment. Also too many jobs are being send abroad. Companies wants to save more and more… Foreigners can go back to their countries but British ppl cant as this is their home. They should stop sending jobs abroad and making cuts on everything in order for progress of the companies.


oh dear, its the agencies I want to get rid of their bombarding emails, some of them are offering CV and of course need to pay for their merchandise CV another making business to people seeking to get a job I have CV just simple CV for simple job, like simple operative job, but asking too much, like professional CEO job, Why businesses get hooked to buy employees to this agencies ? I want a direct hiring, when I open my phone and laptop they advertising all over the place. I do not like agencies, they too complicated. do me a heading. Well I voted leave, coz may be agencies will vanish if we out of EU. time to stand with our own feet.


am sorry but this is a nasty sector. I have been unemployed largely because of recruitment people. They lie, dont return calls and are bad news.



I’m a stone mason and therefore have to work go agencies a lot of the time (as they’ve saturated the market). What we must remember is they are SALES PEOPLE!! nothing more. And as sales people they lie to get the end result. Agency tradesmen are sinonimously bad as they will send anyone just to get someone on site.


Lie! Lie! Sell! Sell! Lie!! Worse than politians !!


You are one gigantic drama queen, get over it, kid. Agencies suck, everyone already knew that (apart from you apparently). I would not hire you with that kind of self entitled drama queen attitude, no matter what kind of skills you have. Companies can reject whoever they want and you have no rights, despite what you may think.


So you want to be deported? You can go back to your own county without brexit, foreigner.


You think agencies would disappear if Britain leaves EU? Are you really that stupid? What else do you think brexit will cause, your sex life to be better? What an idiot


Don’t be delusional, they get paid for the number of CV they get. Just because they are a recruiter, doesn’t mean their friends friends have a big advantage. Your life doesn’t depend on them, stop making a big deal out of nothing. YOU are responsible for it.

Grow up, get a career, make friends, contacts, get a job and hold it instead of asking agencies each month for a new minimum wage job, and you’ll be OK.


No, if they do something illegal then you can sue them. And companies do it too, not just agencies. There’s good and bad companies. It’s your responsibility to report them if they do something illegal. If they have a high employee turnover, that’s their loss, not yours.


Sorry, as sales person I can tell you don’t share anything with me as they don’t know how to sell, they’re not selling, they’re just advertising jobs! They’re not even know what they’re doing because nowadays everyone can be a recruiter, just look their profiles or their job advertising, just a bunch of loser uni leavers trying to wear a nice suit and sit behind a desk. And I’m not saying just as a professional who always struggled to succeed an interview and always become one of the top performers in every job he did but I even listen to the rage filled words of managers and supervisors fellows that are constantly asking themselves who hired the idiot trainees they’re dealing with


I definitely think direct is the best way - I got so sick of them and now work exclusively with Hiredley I’ve connected with projects from all over the world I’d never go back now to the horrendous old ways. Recruitment agents will hopefully go the same way as High Street estate agents as technology moves industry forward