Never use a Recruitment Agency!-please read and dont fall into traps!



There are some angry people here


Recruitment agencies are spiteful, nasty, vicious, lying, cheating, cunning, unprofessional people. Even applying for positions of interest there deceitful. DON’T TRUST THEM KEEP AWAY…! ALWAYS DEAL WITH BUSINESSES\JOBS PLACEMENT DIRECT, with the company. To ensure your information is forwarded correctly without modification. POWER IS INFORMATION ( Yours) DON’T GIVE IT TO THEM. Even if they seem nice, it’s a pack of lies. If they where anygood at there jobs they wouldn’t be working for a scamming company as a recruiter not pathetic third party Recruitment Agencies. SAY NO TO RECRUITMENT…Agencies…!


Surely there are some good ones out there?


Agents and Agencies to avoid:

Those are by experience, the agents that will, either, not proceed your CV (They insist that you have to be a British passport holder) or will just contact you to collect information and disappear.

Try them to have a better idea


NEVER APPLY through agency.

I am a marketing graduate struggling for almost a year to find a job. Since I started my adventure with a job search, I have been on around 10 face to face/telephone interviews. EVERY SINGLE TIME, I applied directly to the company. I have applied to big companies, start ups, medium sized companies and somehow all of them saw some potential in my CV.

WHY the f*** is it possible that I have sent literally hundreds resumes on jobs advertised by agencies and only couple times they called to ask who I am… no interviews, no advices, NOTHING.

Why some greedy, profit driven, inexperienced, ineffective, idiot from agency can decide about my future?

And UK job market is dominated by the agencies. I claim that on every ‘direct’ job advert there are 10 agency adverts.

Don’t forget if company has to choose between agency applicant and direct applicant, they will ALWAYS take direct one who is free of the fees.

I think that government really needs to do something with it, it is out of control.


So a what your trying to say is that you weren’t good enough to apply for the job. You need to take rejection like a grown up. Perhaps if you do a little study next time to prep yourself for the position that you are applying for. Good luck.


Whilst applying around 3 jobs a day through mostly agencies I noticed strange coincidences from particular agencies to a point it was getting funny.

  • Jobs listed as no longer available were still being advertised and listed as available, receiving many C.Vs in some cases 100+ applications.
  • Pleasing telephone calls with great job offers, no further communication.
  • An attractive website, testimonials with great jobs and starting salary.
  • A point where you conduct telephone interviews, video interviews then the following day you receive an email, the company has postponed the position, I will email you back when I get an update. (but no further communication).
  • Really short notice of cancellation for interviews coming up with some excuse. (when questioned, no further communication).
  • Unregulated unprofessional open social profiles of a particular agency where staff using terrible language throughout comments.
  • An accidental email forwarded to me to reject this candidate, alright but at least send it to the right person and maybe with a reason would help.
  • I could go on.

After applying directly to hand full of well known companies I received feedback usually the following day of further information and leading to interview dates.

A straight forward process leading to building trust is what one would seek for. Instead there is haggling involved and wheeler dealer scenarios. Some agencies have bought me a lot of false hope in tough economic times where one would be seeking hope alone.

I understand finding the right person for the job, I also understand getting commission from a successful arrangement but no one likes dishonesty, ignorance or being treated as a just a catch amongst the plentiful fish. There needs to be more control over such agencies who are giving the other guys a bad rap.

From personal experience I no longer have any ties with those agencies nor that do I wish to in future.


Great point here!


I don’t think all the recruiting agencies are fake or bad. Atticrecruitment is one of the best agency in providing temporary or part time jobs. You can definitely rely on.


Thanks for the information. I know that so may business out there can be bad and only looking for money. I also know that many businesses out there actually want the best for people. I hope that this does not rule out all recruiting agencies because I have met some good ones! Thanks again for writing this though!


Sorry to read of your disappointing experience. Not all recruitment agencies are the same. Using a decent recruiter can really help your career. Unfortunately just like any profession you have to expect that some will be better than others and some will be totally useless. I needed to find a decent web designer and went through 4 before finding someone really good. A good recruiter is invaluable, discard them at your peril.


hey you are right for the recruitment agency. But not all the recruitment agencies area fake. I tried one and got 100% genuine response. I guess you have a very bad experience about recruitment agencies.


Not all agencies are unreliable. I used the services of PBSG agency. Good wages and solid job. I can recommend them.


To be honest I have never worked with agency before I come to the U.K. and let me tell you they are disgusting in every way. I mean since I decided to study with Aat after continue to Uni. So what I found out about them is they collecting a lots of information and accordance to they post fake adverts they make you attend interview at their office or at one of their own sub firm (different name). They the best applicants abilities and with what they gathered start going after employers that have potential candidates who can work for them. Which actually not true. But this is how they spread across the U.K. and that is the reason why employers are forced to used them. They collecting a lots of CV for many job roles and they send use those to apply but not respond to the employer response. So the employer after seeing many failed attempt on contacting those actually exist but used for their purpose they just simply creating their abusive marketing structure. Also since you will not be contacted by the employers nor them because they will still posting fake job adverts and later somehow they want to make CV of course for like £70-120. The advert many times are not completely relevant to the role is because they want to break you inside and they can use you for what sick purpose they have in common. Also I have managed to work for them few times. They make you feel like you are valued but its a lie. They used to steal my holiday entitlement been paid by the hirer to them but they told me they dont pay holiday because there is none for agency workers. They also take off your hourly wage (which is illegal). Also not paying for the spent hours is completely normal. Their abusive behaviour is simply for to have you there fro them when ever they need you. Like parasites the way they operates. Thank god I have never experienced them before I come to the UK. I lived in the USA and before that in my homeland. I really hope sometimes someone with a ball will regulate them and make them legally responsible for all the warfare they have created on the job market. They are complete lunatics. That is my personal opinion based on experience about them.


You are not alone who got scammed by these bad recruitment agencies. There are lots of candidates who gets frustrated by these bad recruitment agency calls and their working procedure. For such a worse things is built so that the candidate knows which is good recruitment agencies in the market and how they deals with the candidate. by checking the candidate review on the platform one can make an easy decision about the recruitment agencies.


I believe if the most recruitment companies which are fake would be disappeared from the market as a middleman then right applicants will be chosen by employers directly and unemployment rate will be decreased as well, hopefully very soon will be happened… Sorry but “The truth brings tears, but lies cause the pain”


Oh that’s a tragedy and I’ve heard many such incidents that happened to my friends. But don’t generalize all, there are many which are in search of just the money part and cheats the people who are in search of jobs. There are many incidents where recruiters actually tell you that there is an opening in some particular post, which you will be looking for, but when you reach there you will find that the vacancy is for some other opportunity. Some who are in real need of job will take that if they think they will get through, and somehow the recruiters will get their part of commissions from the employee.
Apart from all these, there are good agencies as well. Always check for reviews online and also check with your known ones. Once registered with the agencies also, it is our responsible to not to believe them blindly. If they inform us about a vacancy, before applying learn about the company and vacancy personally. This will also help you understand the company and their requirement. Which in-turn will help you prepare your CV accordingly, and this will increase your chances of getting through the interview.
I personally have registered in few online sites and also undergoing training with one of the executive recruiters (Executive Wing) near to where I currently live (Toronto).
Also, if you are looking for jobs out of the country, you also look for recruiters who have genuine certificates and connections with companies abroad. Yes, these are very hectic steps, but these are for our safety, if we are safe from our side, everything should be okay. All the very best to you.


omfg, I’m currently spamming my CV, usually 30-50 a day, I rarely get a phone call. These sites are useless. So sorry about your situation. : / Too many people, not enough demand = people get treated like sh1t. So please vote leave on EU if you from UK.


Oh that’s so sad to hear, so sorry about your situation, most of people do this without any hesitation, but companies found advantages of these.


As a consultant I can tell you the reason you are struggling is because your are spamming your CV. If I have a candidate who applies for a forklift driver vacancy and 4 minutes later a international sales executive who needs 15 years experience, then I’m going to start thinking one of two things…

  1. You are not credible
  2. You are signing on and just need proof that you are applying for jobs.

Take your time with applying for jobs, provide quality tailored covering letters.