Networking with the MD


I’m a quite shy, any tips on what to talk about with the MD at social drinks night before an AC ?


Try to find a common interest and talk about that. The last thing the MD will probably want to do will be to talk about work, and talking about something you are passionate about will help you relax and be more passionate and outgoing.


My advice would be to ask him/her about what skills they think are needed to do well in the role/firm. They will definately have an idea about what they think makes a good person to work at their firm/role and it will give you an opener. e.g. MD says, “I think you need really good communication skills to do well in (x role/company) as you need to be able to talk to people at all levels and make yourself understood”. Then you can obviously talk about what great communication skills you have and how you have deomonstrated them. I know it might sound cliche but it does work!


Remember tho its not an interview, so you dont wana start talking to them using the star technique! Just keep in general, initially ask questions like what he enjoys about his job and what he looks for in candidates and what he hates abt his job, then if he initiates different topic move onto that e.g. sports, but just remember what he says and try use it for AC, he wont be assessing you there!