Network Rail: Situational Judgement Test

Network Rail

Anyone done the situational judgement test? How long until, you hear the results from that?


I did, heard from them a week later.


sharp910sh what did Network rail? I got an email but i’m not sure if it’s a rejection letter or not.


Just got an email saying that all their positions have now been filled so my application has (effectively) been rejected.

Hate it when they do that. Keep you out of the loop for months on end only to tell you that you’ve been rejected.


Lotak, what position did you apply for? i still haven’t heard back!


I am still waiting also.


I applied for Finance. I’m really frustrated with this. This is the third time I’ve waited > 3 months just to have been told that the position was filled.


Did you have an interview with them?


Same here lotak, same thing happened to me. Its so frustrating having been told our application was rejection post-fulfilment of the vacancies!!!

Why could they have not told us we were not through to the next stage at an earlier stage?. Given the fact that they recruit a small amount of finance grads., they should have let us know quicker. Ive emailed them many times asking to be kept updated and and all the time they said ‘application is under review’ when they must have been progressing people onto the next stage and giving offers.


Hi has anyone heard about project management scheme? Had the email about a month ago saying they are currently shortlisting for AC’s but nothing since… Anyone else heard?


That happened to me last year. It sucks! not sure why they even offer more positions than they actually have.


Hi, I’ve been invited to next week’s project management AC. Is anyone else going, or has anyone already attended an AC for other schemes in this years intake? Thanks.


There are lots of training sites but I am unsure if they are worth paying the money for e.g. - does anyone know if they are good value for money?