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Network Rail

Has anyone else recieved an email saying they have been shortlisted for the MSc scheme assessment centre with network rail? Seems odd to have no interview or numerical reasoning tests before getting to this point.


Hey charleda99, i’ve received the same email and haven’t needed to take any numerical, verbal tests or had an interview. I’m a bit worried by the maths test as haven’t done any real maths for years!!! Have you booked your assessment centre yet?


No, i havent been given the chance to book onto an assessment centre yet, waiting for another email but think it could take a while. Have you? Na I havent done much maths either.



How long ago did you submit your applications?


Has anyone been told have been shortlisted for the A/C for the MSc programme and waiting for a date?


Anyone attending the MSC A/C in Watford on the 7th May?

Any tips on the numerical reasoning tests would be appreciated!



attending on the 7th but im awful at the numerical testing im afraid. You heading down the night before?



Hi Grad, yes im going to Watford on the 6th and staying in a hotel a few minutes from the A/C venue. What about you?

Will spend the next few days doing any practice tests i can get my hands on I think!



Yes i’m staying in the park inn, a few minutes from watford junction.


hi all,

I guess ill be seeing at the AC on 7th too…
any idea to what we can expect on the day…especially with the competency interview and group tasks???



If anyone went to the assessment centre on the 6th, let me know when you hear back!


Hi all,

Anybody know where to get the expenses form from? At the Assessment Centre I think the lady said it could be found on the website, I can’t find it.

Any clues?


Hi, you need to go to your network rail acount and log in and then click the view information button.

hope that helps


I don’t seem to have a “view information” button within my account. The only thing which i can click on is my application form. Not to worry, i’ll call them tomorrow to confirm.



Hello guys any network rail offers made yet!!!


yeah tom i was wondering the same…i attended on 5th and was told they will get back in a weeks time…what about you>>>


Hi Alliswell I also attended on the 5th …we must have met then…I still haven’t heard from them…still waitin i guess…pls do inform me when u are contacted and I will do the same here…Thanks.


No worries dude…I will let u know…


Hello all.

I went for assessment on 4th May and was told wouldn’t hear for a few weeks so just wait and see. From reading other posts I don’t think they will be amazingly quick in letting us know!!!

I was thinking though, how many assessment days were there, because i can only count about 4? Surely there must be more because if all assessment days had a similar number of attendees to mine, that would only make 80 people. I believed there were 80 positions available, so seems silly to have an assessment, unless making sure you aren’t really unsuitable?


I had my AC on the 7th at Watford and I also had about 20 people attending. NR reps over there said that they had ACs all week and have their last AC on the 10th. That makes it a total of 6 days i.e 120 people.

But I am sure that there were a similar number of ACs at the York training centre which makes it a total of 240 people which sounds pretty decent for 80 positions.


I have heard from some people that there are only 60 positions available. Not sure which one is correct now. Where did you hear about the 80 from?