Network Rail - Information Management Grad Scheme- 2012

Network Rail

Hello everyone,
I searched everywhere for a thread on 2012 Network Rail Scheme. So I thought… I would start one.

I have just applied for Network Rail 2012 Grad Scheme.
I made it through the Situational, Verbal and Numerical… WoW… Thats a lot, but sadly it is standard everywhere. :wink:

On their website there is nothing about Telephone Interview in the Application Process section.
I just recieved an email that I my application is waiting to be scheduled for a “Telephone Interview”.
Has anyone been through my kinda situation?

Also, I have applied for Information Management Grad Scheme. Is there anyone on the same boat as mine?>
Seems quite hard to get hold of 2012 fellow Grads… Am here people :smiley:

Has anyone attended ACs this 2012 intake? Telephone Interview maybe? I know they are just starting to speed up the process…

Thanks, Any help is much appreciated.

Sorry for the long post



hello, ive got an online situational test for the 2012 grad scheme. Just wondering if you had any tips?


Sore for he delay.
Just be your self.
Honestly, SJTs doesnt require special skill set, its just tests your way of decision making…

Network Rail SJTs are bespoke to that particular role as far as I know. So, read each option carefully and consider the best reaction to the situation…

  1. Work ethics
  2. Professional way of thinking
  3. being open and clear minded

Well, you get the idea…

Though it doesn’t require a special skill, proper and proportionate training will still help though… Grab a book from local library about SJTs…

Good luck, lemme know about your progress after the tests… :slight_smile:
Hope we can get through…


Thanks for the tips!
I’ll be taking the test tomorrow

will let you know how it goes

Good Luck!


Hey, I’ve applied for their Project Management scheme :slight_smile: Are the 3 tests - situational, numerical and verbal all part of one test or are they 3 different tests? I will be doing my tests today or tomorrow :slight_smile: Are they all mutliple choice?

Did you hav your phone interview? How was it?


Hello pinkybinkyboo,

I was invited to take up the situational test first.
Then, I was invited to take up the Numerical and Verbal in one go.

After reviewing my results in these tests, I was told that my profile is waiting to be scheduled for Telephone Interview.

I haven’t done my Telephone Interview yet…
Please do let me know how do you get on with your tests.

All the very best… # It was not a tough call :slight_smile:



SHL based tests… by the way.


I also applied for the project management scheme on sunday, i got a mail yest to complete the sj test, I really hope it goes well.


I’ve done the SJ test now :-/ any ideas how long till you know the outcome? How difficult is the numercial one? What mathematical topics do we need to know?


They got back to me the very next day…

I felt Network Rail Numerical Tests to be pretty easy…
Practice on

  1. Interpretation of data from a table
  2. Interpretation of data of graphs and charts
  3. Percentages
  4. Fractions
  5. Ratios
  6. Currency conversions
  7. Understanding of inflation & rebasing, ‘real’ prices.

That should take care of it!




Have you completed SJTs?


Hello everyone here,

I have just submitted my online application for for the position of Strategic Planning… is anyone here who did the same?

I want to wish you good luck with all of our applications and let’s get the jobs!!

in how many days are you invited to take the online tests?

talk soon!!


yes I have completed it, but I haven’t heard back


Hello Simona Ioana,
It’s good that you have submitted your application…
I guess, How many days is a tricky question as it depends on the number of applications they have received till now.

I have applied for Information Management Scheme and my application took them almost two months…
That said, I made my application too early by first week of October…

But i was updated that they are still reviewing other applications and suddenly I got an email to take up the tests…

Should take them a week or two guess… As that’s what most companies I have applied did… :slight_smile:

Good luck!



Thanks for ur comment, I am looking forward for their answer, to be honest I never considered them but when I found out about the job it looked very interesting.
Although maybe I am not qualified: since they would prefer someone who did Mathematics- I did Economics, I decided to apply!!

Thank you for creating the thread!!

Good Luck with urs!!!

speak soon hopefully !!


My application have reverted to application rec’d although I’ve done the SJ test? Hmmmm any ideas anyone?


Yup… The account page says and stays the same every time a test is completed.
You would receive an email about your progress and will be invited to next test…


Well i haven’t heard anything @xtreemneo and after i completed the test it told me I’d hear about the outcome just seems odd. :slight_smile:


anyone else been put on hold?