Network rail graduate scheme (Electrical and Electronic)

Network Rail


Has anyone received the short web-based video interview for the Network rail Electrical and Electronic engineering? Could someone give me some tips, what questions are gonna be asked in this interview? Many thanks for help!


Anyone ?


I was also got invited for a web-based video interview from netwrok rail.When are you planning to do yours?I also have no idea what kind of question will be asked.


I received that invitation two days ago, it needs finish it in seven days, and I have done some researches, but no information about this type of interview


can you guys please post some of the questions you had to help future graduates.I was asked about why did you apply for the graduate scheme, Why should we hire you and tell me about your weakness and strenghts


I have done the interview week ago, it basically has 6 questions with 20 minutes in total. In this question, it has some general questions about the network rail, such as y do u want to work for network? what can you bring to the network, also it has some competency questions, e.g. Tell me a time when you facing the challenge, how to deal with that, following that, they will ask you what did you think about this challenge before, during, and after.
This is questions I got, I hope it can help you guys. Good luck with all your interview


Hi all,

I’m applying for the strategic planning scheme :slight_smile: I’ve just received an invite to complete the video interview. I have a few questions, if anyone who has already completed their video interview could answer them that would be great! Out of the 6 questions what is the split of motivational questions eg. why network rail to the competency questions? Is the time split equally for each question? And roughly how long do you have to answer each question?


Hi everybody
Just received an email regarding to video interview, never done this before. Has anybody got idea how is it like and what sort of questions they ask?


Hi, can I ask you how your video interview went and what questions they asked? I’ve got to take the Network Rail video interview tomorrow!


Hi Rachel, do you remember what competency questions they asked you?


Hi…according to me it went horrible…I am good at interviews but video interview was my first experience…so it went horrible…mmmm as far as I remember there were questions asked…and each question as divided into STAR categories…one question was about any change you made…another question was about why rail network…why this graduate scheme…and I think there was a question about team work…bottom line it was all competency based questions based on STAR situation task activity result…hope that helps you… oh yes look for the timing…as that clock runs out very quickly and u r not even done with urs answer…so compile yours answer according to time given…


Have you heard back from them yet? I have mine coming up too…thank you for your help :slight_smile:


Thanks king.of.heartz, this info really helped and yes the clock did go far too fast for me to finish one of my answers. I had a set of questions prepared really well and almost none of them were asked which kind of threw me off and I thought I really messed it up. Have you heard from them since then? I’ve been invited to the AC, but its for the Business Management Scheme. Good luck!


I have my AC on the 16th of May, would you be able to share your experience. It will help me loads !!! Thanks