Network rail graduate scheme 2015

Network Rail


Hey guys,

I have applied for the Network Rail Business Technology graduate scheme.

We had our AC on the 24th of Jan and were told the results would be within 2 weeks.

It’s been more than a month and no results on the AC.

Has anyone had an AC with Network Rail and heard back?


That’s a long wait. I would get on the phone to their HR department and ask for clarification that they haven’t forgotten about you!


i had an AC for general management on sat feb 7th. Heard within the 2 week time frame to organise an interview (which I had on Friday 27th March - not heard back as that was only 2 days ago)

obviously we have applied for different schemes so there may be differences but I know that when they did their intro stuff at my assessment day they said you would hear back within the 2 week time frame with one of 3 answers 1) yes we want to interview 2) no we don’t want to interview 3) you are on the maybe pile (which from my understanding was that they interview their yes pile, give offers out to the people they want and then figure out if they have vacancies left, if they do they then look to interview from their maybe pile)

the above could be wrong / different for you scheme but that is the best of my understanding of the process from my assessment day.

either way a phone call to clarify the situation can’t do any harm…



did you get this job and what information do you have about the AC