NETWORK RAIL final interview

Network Rail



I had my final interview for the network rail PM scheme over 3 weeks ago.

I was told I would receive the outcome within two weeks, however still nothing!

I’ve contacted them but they have said that they are still revising applicants.

Anyone else had an answer?


Same with me. What scheme did you apply for?


Project management.

What about you?



I have also had a final interview, but for general management, mine was over a week ago, but still waiting to hear unfortunately.
hope you hear soon


I have my final interview for general management next week and was wondering whether they asked any scheme specific questions. I’ve been trying to revise for them but can’t think of any!


I had my assessment on 28th February, I haven’t been invited for an interview yet. I emailed them few days back to enquire about the out come of the assessment but they said i will have to wait because they are still revising applicants. Is anyone else in the similar situation?