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Network Rail

Hi all, I just heard back from network rail recruitment team and i have been invited to a face to face interview for their finance graduate scheme. Anyone have any experience of this interview? What is asked? Help appreciated. Thanks


Hi there, i got news yesterday for the face to face interview on the 18th of January aswell for finance. Do you know if its just this then an offer or will there be second round interviews?


hi. i believe there is an AC after the first interview. the second interview takes place then i think. where is your interview?


Sorry for the late reply, been away on holiday. Mine is at kings place in London, where is urs?


no worries… mines in square one manchester. you have your interview before mine… be sure to let me know how it goes please. help will be much appreciated


Hi, had mine today. I don’t think I will be getting invited to the AC. I pretty much blabbed my through the competency questions, they wern’t hard, I guess I just hadn’t prepared.
Anyway I got asked the following questions:

  • Tell me about a time when you had to analyse a problem and you came up with other alternatives to the problem (was not exactly worded that way)
  • Tell us about a time you had to build peoples confidence in you
  • Tell us about a time you had conflict with someone or a group and how you dealt with it
  • Tell us about a time you were tackling a problem and you missed out an important aspect, what did you do to correct this and what was the outcome
  • In 2 mins tell us why you think you should be invited back for the AC
  • Lastly if you were told that the population of London is 10 million , can you give us an estimate of how many men’s hairdressers are in London. They want you to think out loud and take them through your thought process, there is no right answer with this one.

Hope this helps you. Goodluck


Thanks that’s gonna be a big help. Hope it goes well for you. Did the ask you any other questions and was it very formal? How many interviewers are there? any help will be appreciated. Thanks

Hope your interview went well. Just wondering if your experience was the same or was it different?


hello there, i had mine today, i thought it went ok but nothing special, bearing in mind i hadnt prepared much because i had an exam yesterday. anyway the interview consisted of the competency questions olan rewf has put. i strongly recommend u have good examples for them as they pretty much repeated out those questions in my interview.

in addition, i strongly recomment that u know about the differences between the different qualifications (ACA, CIMA (CIMA offerered by network rail)) and the challenges facing network rail in the coming years.

Good luck and feel free to ask any other question


Thanks that really helped. I’ve had so much on as well. Just trying to do some prep before Monday. The interview says they ask motivational questions. Did either of you get any? e.g Why Finance, Why Network rail?


Yeah they asked me why finance, but I am doing a chemistry degree so they were bound to ask me that. They didn’t ask me why network rail though. I got a tough question sorroinding challenges for network rail but if you prepare well you should be okay.

Plus I was interviewed by two people even though they told me it would be one to one.


Has anyone heard back from them yet? I was told we’d be hearing back early this week and AC would be early Feb…no news for me yet


I had mine today. Wasn’t that great tbh. They said we should know by the end of the week

Good luck guys :slight_smile:


Hey guys, just found out I made it to the ac on the 8th, anyone else?


No word yet :frowning:
Hopefully It’ll be good news


Hello All,
I have an assesment centre on the 1st of Feb in Watford for Mechanical Engineering. Anybody else attending the centre. And how come you lot have had to give an interview before the as it mentions that we will have an interview on the assesment centre day?


Hi ib01 I’ve got one on the 3rd in Watford for Electrical so only any advice you can give after yours would be much appreciated. I think finance must be different.


Hi Ibo1, i think the finance scheme is different. We had a face to face interview first but we still have another interview at the AC. goodluck with yours


Hi guys

I had a face to face panel interview 9 days ago in network rail. After interview they taken foto copies of my ID and NI number? But still havent heard from them?

What do you think is it a positive sign? or just a normal thing?

I given all interview question answers correctly with examples…


After how many days you have heard from them??


Has anyone had a face to face interview with Network Rail and has not heard from them for a very long time? Had one with them a couple of weeks ago and beginning to wonder if it’s a sign I didn’t get it