Network Rail 2016 Electronic&Electrical Engineering Grad scheme Assessment Centre

Network Rail


I’m going to attend this AC in 22th Jan. 2016, this role is what I really want for my life. anybody give me some help for this AC!

Lets make things happen :slight_smile:


Could you please let me know when you were invited to attend the AC? I applied for the same position but still have not received any replies.


In late Dec, how about you man?


Thank you. I completed my video interview and still have not have not heard from them. When did you complete your video interview?




Sry about this late dude, maybe you failed in the video interview because they are big company and they just dont care about every individual who failed. I have met this situation for several times. Have patient man.


Thank you for your reply mate. If I failed, I expect they would have told me but they didn’t . Could please let me know when you completed and submitted your video interview ?


you can email to me then we can discuss this, because Wikijob do not have a app in my iphone, it takes time for me to login to this page.
I wish I can help you man.
Facebook: Jonathan Joestar :slight_smile:


I also trying to find a job like this, we can help each other : )