Nestle Telephone Interview



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Hi, I have my telephone interview for Nestlé tomorrow and would really appreciate any tips and hints as to what may come up. Thanks in advance. Ed.


Just had my Telephone Interview with Nestlé for a Sales Internship (2014)
Questions that were asked (paraphrased and not in that order) :
1)what could you do with stakeholders money?
2)how does nestle increase demand?
3)how does nestle work?
4)how have you improved the service to a customer?
5)whats the difference between a good service and an outstanding service?
6)Describe a time where you have been able to create a better way of improving something?

Interview last 25 minutes. The guy on the phone was pretty chilled out and came across like a genuine person rather than a scary corporate individual.

I was given the option to do a video interview and I declined and opted to do a telephone interview.

Good luck to those who have to do a video interview/telephone interview!



Okay I just had my nestle sales telephone interview and the questions are below (paraphrased and not in the same order):
1.What do you know about how nestle operates?
2.How would you manage stakeholders expectations?
3.What influences nestle consumers demands?
4.Describe a time when you have left a previously angry customer happy and they have come back again?
5.When is the last time you have made your idea heard?
6.When have you negotiated successfully with a good result for you or the organisation?
7.What do you think is the difference between good and outstanding service?

I feel like I might have forgotten one. Hope this helps any fellow applicants, all the best!



@y.h.1 THANK YOU! I have my telephone interview coming up and I was NOT preparing for questions like that!! I also declined a video interview, how did u find it? Did they say how soon they would get back to you?



i am interested for this position plz accept my request


Hi, Please can anyone let me know how long it took to receive an invite to video interview from taking the SJ and numerical test? I’m aware I’ve passed both tests but have been waiting nearly two weeks now for an update. Any updates would be really appreciated. Thanks!