Nestle Telephone Interview




Thanks for the help :slight_smile:


I have now heard they want me to do tel interview and it usualy takes 2 weeks to hear from them after they get your Youtube.

Seems that there are no slots free to take tel interview at moment! Can anyone offer guidance on what questions they ask, particularly technical one?



Are you guys going to wear suits for your youtube clip? Unsure what the dress code is…


Best to look smart…presentable


Hey guys, I have been invited to do Nestle’s online aptitude tests could you please tell me if they are the same as standard shl verbal and numerical tests? If they are different how are they different?

All the best to those with 1st and final round interviews

Thank you!


Just completed my online test, see that the next stage is to do a video. Applied for Supply Chain position


Hi PeterThompson,
I just recently had my telephone Interview for Marketing and all I can say is - you really need to know what is the Nestle Marketing Function involves. They will ask what your ambitions are for the next 5 years and a simple answer won’t do. You need to show that you really have thought through what you want to achieve. Be yourself and listen carefully as some of the questions are tricky and you can easily miss the point. Remember the Nestle values when answering the questions.

You will be just fine, I have now been invited to the assessment day fingers crossed. Will let you know how that goes.

Good Luck!!


Anyone have an AC invite? Just got mine now. Good luck everyone


I just got an invite to AC without having to do a telephone interview, just the youtube video, did this happen to anyone else?

also i read somewhere that you stay over and meet current graduates the night before, but it doesnt say that in my email/ when i booked the AC, anyone know if this is true?

My AC is 22nd feb for finance, anyone else? x


Same. And no telephone interview either. Looking forward to it.

Says we don’t need to do any preparation but I’m guessing we’ll still need a reasonable knowledge of the company??


oh i’ll see you then :slight_smile: i wonder how many people are going! yeah just some company research and we should be set! where are you from? are you going to travel on the day or stay over the night before?


Congratz by the way. I’m at university in the West Midlands so I’ll probably stay the night before. 22nd Feb is a solid amount of time to do some decent company research. They’re only recruiting for 2 positions (see their website) so I think a maximum of 8 or 9. They might have another AC but interviewing 16 people for two positions seems a bit extreme to me.

What are you going to be doing and whereabouts will you be travelling from?


anyone that applied to engineering and has done the telephone interv been invited for the AC?
did my tel. interv. last sunday and the lady said i shld hear back b4 friday if I am successful.
@wastedfun, @smithy90, how long did it take them to get back to you after the tel. interv? Mine seem to be forever…


2 weeks. Good luck.


Hello all,
I am having an interview with MFI for Nestle. Is it safe its gonna be exactly thesame questions as tobi pointed out or there might be a variation and what answers would be right?

Also what exact processes are to be improved in the MFI department?


@wastedfun… sorry i didnt reply earlier! I think there are two ACs from what it says on the grad website, not too sure though! yeah at least we get plently of notice! Im only travelling from doncaster so I’ll probably just travel on the day :slight_smile: what are you doing at uni? x


@tobi, thanks for the insight, pretty similar questions in my telephone interview though some questions were coined from my answers. @naijajive, I’d say you’ll be fine by preparing with the same questions but you need some insurance by cutting across other areas related to the job as well as you may never know. Take care.


Hey guys hello!!! I had a telephone interview as well for Supply Chain 2-3 weeks ago, and still no answer…they sent me an e-mail a week ago that they r still prosesing but time flies…and there are only two AC days left…how long does it take to have a response and how many days before the AC???


WOW,im new here,and i like the interations,the info and evrytin,im trying to get a job now,applied to flour mills ,pls has anyone gotten a response from them that applied too? im also droppin an pllication to gtb now,pls anyone know how their interview and tests are?pls update me so i can prepare well,in case,thanks.



i’ve applied to the hr scheme and been invited to a face-to-face instead of a telephone interview. has anyone already had one of these, and any idea what to expect?