Nestle Phone Interview


Hi, I gonna have 45 mins phone interview from nestle this week, iam quite nervous! did anyone have the phone interview from them already, i applied the SPECIALIST SALES ANALYST position, is there any specific questions they will ask apart of why nestle or why this position??? i would like to know please!!! thanks so much if anyone would give me some information!!!


Hi, would mind sharing your interview experience with me?
I got a 45min telephone interview with Neatle professional.
But the only thing I know is it is going to be competency based.
I appriciate if u could tell me what you were asked. Thank you,


I am going to have telephonic interview with Nestle in the next week. So can you please let me know how was your interview and can you please tell me what kind of competency questions were asked? Is there any person who have got interview call in the area of manufacturing and focused improvement from Nestle?